May 15, 2024

Nothing Beats Real Life

11:38 PM

Today was a pretty good day. I got a lot of work done, and I did my daily brain training as well as my daily physical training. I ended up not doing 100 push ups, 100 leg raises, 100 squats, 20 pull ups, 20 chin ups, but I did do at least 60% of each of those (so I did 60 push ups). I ended up doing 90 squats though, since I did go to the gym and do some more squats there. I did end up walking for over an hour too, so there was progress there. This is at least much better than yesterday, in which I only did 10% of my daily physical goal.

I still have a problem with just eating too much. That's currently my main weakness still. If I can resolve this problem, then I'd be god, and I'd be extremely fit and healthy within a month or so. But I run into problems, I bought this bag of chips the other day, it has 2600 calories in that one bag of chips. I ended up eating the whole thing in around 5 hours, and I ate other things throughout the day too. I couldn't control myself. Not only that, I didn't do any exercises either, so I basically just self-sabotaged. I tae like 3500 calories that day, and same for the day before.

I haven't checked my weight because I don't want to know how much I weigh. Based on looking at myself in the mirror, I am still relatively light compared to myself a few months ago. I'm lighter for sure, but hI was even lighter just a week ago. I self-sabotaged. I messed up. I hate this. But yeah, it takes like a few days to recover, and today was a recovery day. I did my workouts again today, so I think overall today was a good day, even though I did also eat a lot today.

So yeah I did work a ton today, and I set a 10 minute limit on myself from using X and my other social media apps. This just made me download some games instead I downloaded this game called Life in Adventure, and it's this text based story RPG game, where you go through this adventure. It has a lot of different stories and scenarios, and it's fun to play. I am leveling up my character on there, but this thought came to my mind, that real life is still better than this game in every way. Leveling myself up in this game doesn't transfer to anything at all in real life.

It's better to work on myself in real life than in this fantasy game. It is kind of hard to stay disciplined though. Even though I understand and know things, putting that knowledge into practice can be harder, because that requires self-control, effort, and energy. To make a painting for example, I'm going to have to quiet out everything and just focus and concentrate on making a painting. Then I have to intricately make a stroke, one by one, picking the right colors and color combinations, putting them on the canvas, making sure it's at the right spot, making the right forms and figures. It takes discipline, concentration, effort, energy, interest, to do this.

To make it simpler, it's like washing dishes. Of course it's great to wash dishes. It's great to exercise too. But it takes effort to do this. This is why I might leave dishes in the sink for alike a day, sometimes longer, because I just don't feel like washing them right now. It's ridiculous.

It could even be something as simple as grabbing a remote. It's already a common joke about a lazy person unable to get up from the couch to grab the remote to change the channel. It takes effort, energy, discipline, to do this. Nothing is every truly easy. This takes much more resources to do, depending on what it is.

Anyway, I do want to improve my life, and I do know how. But it really takes me some effort and so on to do things. It's undeniable. Like I know I should be doing 100 push ups a day, and all those other exercises, and also not eating so many calories, but it takes effort. I can make excuses like I'm also working, and I'm going to the gym, and I'm doing these brain exercises, and I am running a business, and I have meetings and clients, and I have a lot to manage, and so on, but they're just excuses. I think I honestly have no problem doing these things, it can just be really hard to put in intentional effort.

This is why very few people in the world will master a skill, because it takes so much time and effort to do so. You can tell everyone in the world that to become successful, you have to practice a skill for 10,000 hours. Everyone knows this already basically. Do people put it into practice? No. People are still wasting their time and life playing video games, doing drugs, gambling, torturing and killing animals to eat, and whatever other activities and vices people fall prey to. I fell prey to playing video games today. I know it's a waste of time, I know it's a waste of life, I can't ever take all the time I played back ever again, but it's hard for me to resist sometimes. I get bored. I can work on things, but I get tired too, and I don't feel like working anymore.

Anyway, nothing beats real life. But sometimes we go through some escapism to stop experiencing real life for a while.

Written by JustMegawatt

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