May 16, 2024

Spending Money on App Purchases

9:11 AM

My dream last night was vivid. I don't remember much of it, but I remember having a daughter. She mainly hung out with and was basically raised by one of her older friends. At one point they were getting overweight, and I made a comment to her about that, and she ended up losing a lot of weight the next time I saw her. I think that signifies how easy it is to lose weight, or accomplish any task, for someone that knows how and takes action towards it. There was also some point in the dream where I had a sun burnt face, it was entirely red. Maybe that's a reminder for me to apply after-sun gel, or to not expose myself to the sun as much?

I went out to the USPS yesterday and was in the sun for a few minutes. I had to deliver a check which was due yesterday. I texted them about it, and they said it was fine being late. I also walk around my home a bit, and there's rooms where there's a lot of sun coming in, no covers at all, or maybe the covers are a bit open and let a lot of sunlight through. It's very hot here in Puerto Rico and the temperatures the past week or so have been over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I'm guessing the UV numbers are pretty high as well.

The UV numbers measurement is a pretty new thing. I used to have the Weather Channel program on my computer in the early 2000s, maybe 2001, 2002, around that time period. It basically only had the weather. I don't remember if they had a UV rating, I doubt it. I think that's a new thing.

Anyway I started off today with finishing my brain training exercises: Impulse, Peak, Elevate, NYT Wordle, Connections, Mini, and Strands. I do these activities to keep my brain sharp. I'm in the 97th percentile on Peak, or maybe 98th percentile? Either way I'm pretty close to 99%. I want to get there some day.

11:42 AM (of Friday, May 17th 2024)

I worked throughout most of the morning. At some point in the afternoon, I used up all of my social media time, since I put a 10 minute limit on it. I browsed around the app store and found this new game called Waifu Zone Combat, it came out 3 days ago on May 14th. This was an online idle RPG game and it was pretty fun. I played on two different accounts, going through the tutorials, and having a decent build, until I finally understood the basics of it and how to make a good waifu group.

Then I started spending money on it. Few people will spend any money on any of these games, but I spend money to gain an advantage. This game just came out recently, and I have a chance to be the top player in this game, so of course I'll spend a bit if it means I'll become one of the more powerful players. Even just playing for a few minutes, like a few hours actually, on a brand new account, meant that I could already get into the top 10 rankings in the Arena leaderboards (there are several leaderboards). I got into rank 8 with a brand new completely free account after just playing for a few hours. So now that I knew how to play, and how to get better, I can spend more to win more.

So yeah, I didn't hesitate spending any money. I probably spent $30 today on the best and most reasonable purchases I could get. I don't just randomly buy whatever for no reason. I think about the purchase, whether or not it's worth it, and most of the time it's worth it. $10 for 4 million gold and 2 million experience points. Most people would probably never pay for this, but I think it gives a great advantage. I earn a decent amount of dollars per hour of working, so even though I spent like $30, it's not even enough to match an hour of my working time. Yeah, if I want to become #1 in this game, I am fine with spending some money.

If it becomes too excessive, then yeah, I'll stop and quit. But for now, I think the purchases are reasonable, and I am gaining a lot of advantages with them, so yeah, of course I'll pay a little here and there to get that nudge. I'm currently in the top 15 rankings out of all the leaderboards. I'm in the top 15 players of this game. Yeah, the purchases helped a lot. I'm able to beat the free players easily even though they've been playing for a few days already, and I'm completely brand new. They had their time advantage, which I shortened by spending a few dollars. I think it's worth it.

Now, it will be difficult for any new players to beat me. I admit that. Any new players coming in after me and spending money, will have the disadvantage of time since I started playing a few days earlier. They would still be able to beat me if they spent more, but it's unlikely. Very few people will actually spend any money on these games, but for the ones who do, it's how you become the best in the game.

Written by JustMegawatt

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