May 17, 2024

The Worst Part About In App Purchases

3:02 PM (of Saturday, May 18th 2024)

Today is Friday, May 17th 2024 and it was a good day today. I completed all of my brain training exercises again: Impulse, Peak, Elevate, NYT Wordle, Connections, Mini Crossword, and Strands. The last 4 are these free puzzle games from the New York Times. You can just download the NYT Games app and play them every day, there's a new puzzle out every day. I think these are great brain teasers because they engage you and make you think a bit. Connections is the game I have the hardest time with. You have to think of nuances and make connections between words. I almost never win in Connections, I've only won a handful of times.

But yeah I think these brain training games are fun and engaging. It's good to be active and thinking every day. These actually don't compare to the difficulty of something like learning Kadane's Algorithm and solving the "Maximum Sum of an Array" problem efficiently. That problem, although I solved it years ago and I figured out the solution on my own, I have a hard time with today. Isn't that unbelievable? I can barely comprehend it today. I think it would honestly take me a few hours of diligently thinking about this problem and the efficient solution, to figure out how it all works again.

Solving these brain training exercises like memorizing a 10 digit number for 2 seconds and then typing it back in again, doesn't compare to something like solving the "Maximum Sum of an Array" problem if we're comparing brain training difficulties here. I can solve a crossword puzzle, it will give a hint that will require me accessing my memory to resolve, but solving an algorithm problem, that's harder. Even doing something like Bubble Sort can be difficult, I think I still remember how to do it, same with Selection Sort, and Merge Sort, these are the easier sorting algorithms. But something like Quick Sort, I don't remember. The searching algorithms can be difficult too, I don't remember any either.

But there's a reason I don't do programming problems for my brain training, and that's because they're kinda more difficult. Maybe I should add in a programming problem at least once a day? It will take more time, but I think it would be worth it to keep refreshed. Yeah, I can see about adding something like that in.

But anyway, I did my physical exercises today too. Throughout the day I ended up doing 14 pull ups, 14 chin ups, 70 push ups, 70 leg raises, and 70 squats, as well as over an hour of walking. Honestly it doesn't take much time or effort to do these exercises, since I do so few every so often. I only do 2 pull ups, and then 2 chin ups, then I do 10 push ups, then I do 10 leg raises, and then 10 squats. It's super easy, it literally takes like 3 minutes in total to do them all. I do these every 30 minutes, or at least I try to.

The reason I only ended up doing 7 sets of these today is because I got lazy and tired. I'm not perfect. Some days I even skip doing them altogether. I hate that.

So I did some work today. I also played the game I downloaded yesterday and paid some actual money for, Waifu Zone Combat. This is a very stupid cash grab game, I don't recommend anyone to play it, but I am one of the top ranked players in the game. This game came out 4 days ago on May 14th, and I only installed it yesterday on the 16th, so I have a disadvantage against some of the players that started on the first day. Still, I was able to bridge a bit of that gap by paying some money, and now I'm in the top 5 players in the entire game. It's still brand new, so I can easily be surpassed, but I might also easily surpass others.

What I hate about this game is that it can take up all of your time. The game is too huge, there's too many things to do, many different currencies, many different upgrades, many different stages and levels, it's just so much. I genuinely love how well made games like these are. I love how they just come out of nowhere, by some unknown developers, who did nothing to hype or advertise the game at all, and it turns out to be a decent game, for the cash grab addicting casino-like gameplay game that it is (that's also why I don't recommend it, is because it's very addicting and designed to get you to spend money).

As someone who has worked on and developed mobile apps and games before, this game is well made. It's just so massive (and even though I'm complimenting it, I don't recommend it at all, stay away from this game). There's just so much to do, and the combat system, although extremely simple and addicting based on that simplicity, is made correctly. I wonder how many games like this this company has made before, to make such a quintessential example of this game genre? This game probably took more than a year to develop, probably a few years. I feel like it's a reskin, but I don't know any other games in this genre except for Clash of Streamers, so I don't know what game it models from.

But yeah, this game takes up a lot of my time. I have to look at and study a lot of things in the game and think about what my next moves are. It can seriously take up my entire day, and it basically did. I still worked today of course, I answered some emails and did some programming work, as well as do my exercises, and I ate as well and cleaned up and all that, but this game still took a lot of my time.

I got invited to the gym at night, but I told my friends I was going to sleep early. I ended up not going to sleep early. I remember tweeting for a bit, I only have a 10 minute time limit on X now, so I log in, read a few posts, and then make a tweet. I can't do much else in 10 minutes. I started to limit my time on X because it was a waste of time, but maybe I'm wasting my time and money on this new game now. I spent another $20 or so on this game today.

Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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