May 18, 2024

Became Rank 2 worldwide in this mobile game

10:16 PM

When I woke up this morning, I was in the top 10 of this game, but probably more like around rank 5 or so. As I write this, I'm now rank 2 in basically everything except for the campaign, which I can't really do much about because you can only complete a few levels of the campaign per day. I'm still in the top 10 in campaign though, like rank 9 or so. The game came out on the 14th, and I only started playing on the 16th or 17th, so there were a few players ahead of me that got to play the campaign and get up to whatever level they're at now.

They limit how many levels you can complete in the campaign per day because if you're where I'm at, you basically just steamroll over every campaign level. My characters are already mostly all above level 145, my highest level character being 185, I have another character that's 177, and then another that's 145, and then two level 100 characters, if I recall correctly. I spent money to get to this level. The current campaign level I'm playing, I don't even think the characters I'm facing are level 100 ye. So yeah, my characters basically end them all one turn, without even being hit once.

The problem with being such a high ranking though, Is I feel like no one else stands a chance. No one really even comes close to where I'm at, except for the first place ranked person of course. That guy dominates, and continues to dominate. I don't think I can ever catch up to him as long as he keeps on playing. If he quits one day, then I'll surpass him, but if he keeps on playing as he does now, there's no way I'd be able to catch up. i think this guy might even be on the development team or something himself, because he's just really good.

It kind of ruins the experience if there's a developer actually playing the game, because he knows everything about it. He could just add in some secret function, like spin the lottery wheel when the time is 12:34 and your chances to win will be 100% or something, and no one would know. He is way way way above me. I an surpass him if I spend another $150 on this game. I would definitely surpass him if I spent that much. It's tough though. I feel like I would be too domineering at that point.

That's the problem with pay to win games like this, and it is pay to win. You can pay some extra cash and gain advantages other people won't have. Actually, even if I paid money, I still think this rank 1 player is just too good that I can't even catch up. He is tough for sure. Well, I know I'd catch up an surpass him, but it's still pretty hard to consider doing. Then once I'm at the top, I'd have to maintain it from the people coming from below. I have a fear though that people will just quit and abandon the game, since they think it's futile to try and compete with me. That's why I would quit, if I feel like it's futile with the first place person.

That's actually a reason I quit a lot of games. I want to become the first place person in the games that I play. If I feel like that's just impossible, that the other players that came before have way too much of an advantage, then I quit. This might not be the case in games like World of Warcraft where there's a ceiling everyone can get to, once reached everyone is basically on the same playing field, or a skill game like chess where you can get better and better and improve faster than veterans, and even reach the top levels depending on how much time you put in.

In this game, even if you put in more time, it's hard to surpass someone that came before, especially if they put in some money. So, I don't know. For me, I would quit. But who knows.

Anyway, I do have work I have to do. I need to finish my Iceland trip journal entries. I will do that soon. I'll do that now. I'll do my first entry now.

Actually, first, my day. I did my daily workouts and my daily brain training. I cleaned and wrote a journal entry, I made at least one vegan tweet, I did basically did everything on my list. So overall it was a good day, but I played this game for the entire day and my eyesight is kinda blurry. When am I going to quit?

Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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