May 19, 2024

Getting First Place in a major game event

11:59 PM

There was a player that came in today that showed me it was possible to beat the first ranked player at something. The first place player who's name is in Japanese characters I think, is rank 1 in basically everything. Let's just call him FP for First Place. This guy who came out of nowhere, named Baldur I think, spent probably $200 on this game, and was able to surpass me in power level and surpass my record in many of the stages as well.

Although it doesn't seem like there's much depth to it initially, WZC (Waifu Zone Combat, the game I'm playing), actually has a lot of depth to it. You can spend hours and hours just going through and learning about the game and how everything works. I've spent those hours perusing many of the details of the game, I am now pretty much an expert. I know most the ins and outs, and if I wanted to truly dominate for all time, I would just spend another $80 on this game, and then I'd be unsurpassed for the rest of eternity.

I have that opportunity to do that now, but I don't know if the game will be popular enough for it to be worth it. I want to dominate in a popular game. Being dominant in an empty game feels meaningless. WZC has a decent amount of players for a new game I think, a few thousand total, but only a couple hundred of people have made it to level 30, which takes about 2-3 days to get to. Out that many people, only around 10 people I would say, are active and competitive, me included. There's probably more active players, but they're invisible to me. I feel like many of the players really just don't stand a chance against me, I think I've gotten to the point where I'm dominating by so much.

I'm still not in first place. Like I said, I'm in third at the moment, having been surpassed by someone else. This game is only entertaining while there's competition. If I quit, then the first and second place people would have no competition. If they quit, then I would have no competition. I am just so far ahead of any new players that I feel like they could spend an eternity playing and never catch up. Especially because I paid to win, I put in money into this game, allowing me to get things that I know free players will take forever to earn. Even though the game is entirely free, due to the existence of paid players like me, free players just don't stand a chance.

Anyway, today I made a rule where I could only play the game while walking. Due to that rule, I walked over 22k steps today, literally just doing laps around my home, back and forth over and over. I would have kept walking, but my feet started to hurt, so I broke my own rule and played the game while sitting and lying down for hours. Like I said, this game has a lot to it, I literally played it for hours today. Over 10 hours today.

There was this tournament on who can get the most summons. You either have to buy the summons with money, or you get it in the game through some other means. It's really hard to get for free in the game, although there are ample places where you do get it, the easiest way to get it is to just spend cash. FP was first in this area too, he's first in every area. He was first here for sure, for a few days, with over 400 summons. I think he had 402 summons. When I first saw this event a few days ago, I had like 150 summons or something, and he had over 300. I thought I would never be able to catch up.

I don't know what happened, I don't recall going out of my way to buy more summons, but at some point I came up to like 280 summons, and he had over 400. I still thought I could never catch up, and that I wouldn't even try. Then from nowhere, this random player named Baldur just shot up to first place with 414 summons. Then I thought, wow, FP is beatable. Even though he was first place in literally everything in the game, literally everything, it's possible to pass him.

So anyway, I strategized the best ways to get summon tickets, which is what you use to summon. You can't really just straight up buy them, they come in packed with other things. Let's say you spend $5 on a pack, you can get some summon tickets, some gold, diamonds, experience points, among other things and/or a combination of different things. I just plotted out the most efficient course to get these tickets, and I amassed 80 of them. So now I knew I could just use them up and go from 290 to 370 just like that. For the rest of the tickets, I could just use my diamonds, it's about 2000 diamonds per 10 tickets, and I had like 20,000 diamonds, so I could just buy up another 100 tickets if I went all out.

That was my plan. I waited a few hours until it was 5 minutes before the event ended, and then I just went all out on a summoning spree. I summoned over 140 times in the span of the last 2 minutes, and got first place as the event ended.

What's great about this event, is that the first place prizes are probably $500 worth I would say. As someone that has spent over $100 on this game, and spent many hours reading up on the items and comparing each one, I know the value of purchases, at least, in relation to other purchases. One of the items literally just lets you summon any dark and light character (these are the rarest types in the game). To summon an exact character they choose, they price it at $99. For one where you can choose any character, I'd price it at $250 (again, only in relation to how they price the other items and how hard this is to attain).

So anyway, these light and dark characters can be so rare that no one else in the game has them. The rarest one I think, I don't remember their name actually. But I chose the second most rarest character, because I somehow already got her in the summoning, and you need two of the same character to upgrade them. If I picked the rarest character, yeah I'd have the rarest character, and they'd be overpowered, but they'd be stuck at level 100 until they're upgraded, and it's going to take me ages to get the same character again (you need two of the same character to upgrade), meaning even though I'd have them, I wouldn't be able to use them as they'd be beaten easily by higher level characters

So yeah, I'm the first person in this entire game to get this particular character and upgrade them. I've not seen anyone else with the character.

Written by JustMegawatt

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