May 21, 2024

There is no one coming from below me

10:00 PM

I'm currently just a few more actions away from being first place in WZC (Waifu Zone Combat). It hurts a little that the first place player (FP), who I once considered an insurmountable wall, can be so easily beaten and toppled over now. I can take those actions now and surpass them right now, but it feels surreal and I feel too powerful. Once I surpass them, they will never be able to catch up to me unless I quit. I fear that me surpassing them, will get them to quit.

When I do get first place, I'll just keep it forever. I literally cannot see anyone surpassing me, ever, as long as I keep playing, as long as I keep doing what I'm doing. I think you can give someone a year of playing this game, and they wouldn't surpass me, even though I've only been playing for a few days (as long as they don't buy $200 worth of in-game purchases, then I can see them surpassing me in a few weeks). That's how far ahead I feel like I am.

I have some of the rarest and most powerful characters in the game right now. This game involves collecting characters and upgrading them. The strongest characters are of course more rare than other characters. In order to level a character up, you sometimes need two of the same character. It's easy leveling up the more common characters, since you can have like 5 or more of the same common character. It's different with the rarer and stronger characters, because even attaining one of them extremely difficult.

A lot of the game is about figuring out the best way to attain these characters using the least resources, using the most efficient moves, spending the least amount of money, spending the least amount of time. Based on my own calculations and studying the game mechanics, items, currencies, the most efficient course of action is often to spend real life money. Yes you can grind out anything in this game as long as you spend enough time. However, would you really spend a day or two grinding something out, or just attain the same result, in a $5 purchase? I'd rather spend the $5.

I've spent multiple $5 at this point. I've spent over $150 on this game in the past week since I started playing. To some that might seem insane, like that's the cost of 2-3 modern games (games these days by AAA game companies can be $70-$80 each), or the cost of two dates two to restaurants (a date can be like $80 for one meal), or maybe a week or two worth of groceries (I could get away with $50 a week in groceries, being vegan can be extremely cheap, the cheapest way to eat and live, but I spent $150 today on much more than I need for a week, like I bought 3 boxes of veggie burgers even though I could've bought just one, and a bunch of different snacks).

But, there are a lot of insurmountable advantages to spending real life money here. Some actions might actually take like a week to grind out as just a free player, or I can just bypass that by spending $5. Which would I rather do? I'd rather spend $5. I'd rather spend $50 than a week grinding out something. I'd rather spend $150 and become the ultimate player this game has ever seen, than not spend $150 and become some average mediocre player in this game, not leaving any kind of significance or meaning. It sounds messed up, but I'm seriously so far ahead of everyone, that it's just insane, I don't even see any other person as competition, not even the first place player anymore.

Obviously in the grand scheme of things, being first place in this game means absolutely nothing. This game barely has 100 daily players (I found out a way to check, it's to look at the list of participants competing at the most recent competition, which started yesterday, for some reason they just list every player out), a paltry sum compared to anything else really. However, even though this game means nothing, I still feel accomplished being the best in this game. It's just a sad accomplishment, because no one else can compete.

I do need to spend another $50 to just become the most ultimate and unstoppable player of all time. So another way you can get a rare character, is to sacrifice the more common characters. There's many tiers, I'd say there's 6 tiers. There's 1-5 star characters, and then there's the elite characters. So 1-5 stars, and elite, six tiers. For all intents and purposes, the common 1-4 star characters are basically insignificant, considered fodder, as basically not even existing. Everyone basically just plays with the 5 star and elite characters, any other character is just considered nothing.

In order to level up 5 star and elite characters, you have to sacrifice 5 star characters. So you can't even use 1-4 star characters for anything here (I simplify it, it's actually a bit more complicated, because you can level up a 4 star character to a 5 star character, and sometimes you have to, but to make things simpler, let's just say only 5 star characters are relevant for sacrificing in order to level up another 5 star or elite character).

To level up a 5 star or elite character, they both require sacrificing at least three 5 star characters (at least, sometimes the requirements are more, like you need a second of that same character plus three 5 star characters, sometimes you need 2 of the same character, sometimes you need four 5 star characters, and so on).

Again, leveling up elite characters is the hardest, because they are rare. You can roll like 50 times and get 50 normal 5 star characters and not get a single elite, this is how rare they are. I have basically all the rarest and strongest ones. I mean there are some that are rarer and stronger, but the ones I have are already so strong and hard to get and level up, I just cannot imagine another player getting them too, or getting anything stronger, and leveling up them up to where I got mine to. Like I said, it's so hard to get these characters, it's so hard to level them up too, and I have them, and they're leveled up high.

So anyway, back to why I need to spend another $50 on this game to just have the ultimate unbeatable set of characters. I already have like 50 or so 5 star characters. You can also sacrifice them to receive "sacrifice points" (I forgot their actual name), and with these sacrifice points, you can trade them for any other character, including elite characters. The elite characters of course also cost more sacrifice points. And also, the 5 star characters aren't easy to get either. They're just one step below elite, and they are required for leveling up any 5 star or elite character, so they are both useful and rare. You can roll for like 10 1-4 star characters before you get a single 5 star character (and you'd have to roll so much you'd might 30-50 or so 5 star characters before you even get a single elite if at all).

Anyway, these "rolls" are basically gambling. You get these "summon tickets" and these are hard to get, but they give you plenty of opportunity to get them even as a free player, you can just get so much more by spending money. Each summon ticket, you can summon a random character. Like I said above, the rarity is that you can summon 10 times before you encounter a 5 star character. They actually make it so that if you roll 10 times, you automatically get a 5 star character.

So anyway, I have literally had to roll hundreds of times, over 500 times, to get to where I am now. It cost me real life money to roll that many times. You'd probably only have half of that if you played as a free player. So I do have so many 5 star characters, and I could choose to sacrifice them to get an elite character so I can level up one of my elite characters. I think I spent more than $50 to attain all these 5 star characters though. I could just spend another $50, to reach the $200 total spending, and reaching that spending tier gives me an item where I can upgrade any character, including elite characters, once.

So I could either sacrifice practically all of my characters, just so I can get an elite one, just so I can level up this elite character. Or I could just spend another $50 on whatever else, and once I reach that spending tier, get this item that lets me upgrade an elite character without having to have another of that same elite character. Again, due to the difficulty of getting an elite character to begin with, it's so hard to get them, it's so so so hard to get them, I think the final $50 on this would be reasonably spent, and then I'd just be unstoppable. I would be that insurmountable wall, and I already feel that way now, because I can fulfill this plan right now, and it would work and be successful.

Spending money guarantees certainty. That's basically what it boils down to.

Also, I'm actually so close to FP (first place player) right now, that I don't have to spend any more money to surpass him. My $50 spend is to be able to upgrade my rarest character. They are so hard to get, it's going to take me like years I think, to get them again. They are so rare. So incredibly rare and hard to get, and I have them. I just need another to be able to upgrade them, or spend $50 so I can get that item to skip having to get them again.

However, there is a free way to surpass them too. I just have to upgrade another elite character, one that isn't as hard to get, one where there is a certain path to getting them because there's an event going on that allows you to get them easily. I just have to wait until tomorrow basically, then I'd have completed the event. You just have to "claim gold" 80 times, and you can only claim gold around 30-50 or so times per day (you have 3 free claims, then you pay 20 diamonds to get 10 more, and then 50 each to get 10 more after that, and it resets every 9 hours I think. It's not reasonable to spend 50 diamonds on a claim, so I just do the free ones and the 20 diamond ones). I just need 30 more claims to get reach 80, and then I can get a second of this one elite character and level them up.

Once I level them up, then I also surpass FP. That's just for leveling up one of my "common" elite characters. I have that other extremely rare elite character, that once I level them up, will become so unstoppable. So getting both of these, and leveling up both of them, just puts me at a level where I don't think anyone can catch up anymore.

Obviously it feels great to dominate so much, but also sad because I just have no competition whatsoever. I also found out FP is a girl. You can specify gender in your profile, you actually have to, it's mandatory when you create an account, and they specified themselves as female. Like 40% of the players in this game are female, which surprised me.

Anyway, I just feel unstoppable.

Today I also did my brain training, some exercises, I bought groceries like I wrote above, and of course I worked and got a decent amount done. But, this game was my highlight for today, just because it's what I'm currently most obsessed over right now.

I feel like it's a game where there's basically no competition at all for me. I guess I'll write about my experience reaching first place tomorrow. It's obviously great to become the best, but it's also pretty sad when no one else can compete. I just feel bad for everyone else, because I just feel so unstoppable, and so insurmountable in this game.

There's of course duels and random stuff, and everyone just loses against me (except FP). No one can beat me. It's sad.

What do you think? Is it a good thing to dominate so much? Is it a sad thing? I mean yeah I spent $150 to get here, and hours and hours of playing the game and studying it and doing all the hard work too. But now, no one can even compete. I feel like everyone will just start the game, find me to be insurmountable, and then quit. What do you think?

Written by JustMegawatt

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