March 8, 2020




I had called off todays coffeebar but there was a "Totalausfall" in the technical team. Both people were ill. Stefan said he could come but doesn't know if he has to go sometime because of "Bereitschaft". So I helped out, even though I woke up with a headache and slept to the last minute. But what can I say, it was nice and I got a few songs. Also Christoph talked to me, there were no official rules who can get a key but some requirements usually. Not strong, but just, those who have to come to unusual times and whos relatives don't have one. Now, I am at the edge. He'll talk about it at the next leader meeting. I hope i can get one, but I don't mind if not.

I wrote the introduction and topics for my term paper and finished spanish homework. Also I practiced Zumba. I really... I don't have it that memorized, but I really hope I won't fail completely, but I pray and I trust in him that we can get it done properly.

I learned that Christoph (penpal) was working at church in his teenage years and played the organ as well there sometimes in the evening. I wonder if he was believing back than or did it out of other reasons and if he believes now. Maybe nexts letter will answer that.

Then, it's getting late.


Written by Plesi`

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