May 25, 2024

I've been Rank 1 for a few days now

11:59 PM

So I took action on that plan I wrote about a few days ago and reached first place. I can't believe I spent such a long time playing the game and thinking about which moves and decisions to make. I made this one rule which left me with sore feet, I told myself I could only play the game while I'm walking, so when I implemented this rule, I ended up walking 22k steps that day. The next day I walked 16k steps, but stopped that rule because my feet were just too sore. I should actually re-implement that rule because it was reasonable and helpful.

There's a few different "leaderboards" in the game, many of them. The four main ones are the Campaign, Sky Tower, Arena, and Power Level. There's also many others to list out, like the Soul Hall, the Ruins, Guild boss damage, Lowest Power Level to complete an Elite Campaign stage, weekly competition rankings, and so on, there's just so many minor ones. Again, the four main ones are just the Campaign, Sky Tower, Arena, and Power Level. If you're first in one, it doesn't necessarily mean you're first place in the others, but I am first place in everything except for the Campaign, which I am second place in.

The only reason I'm second place in the Campaign is because you can only complete a few levels per day and I joined a few days later than the first place person. I'm catching up though and will eventually surpass them, because I paid money. I have this EXP boost that allows me to get like 20% more EXP per day than them, and leveling up my account allows me to complete more campaign levels. They've actually paid money too, and they get 40% more EXP boost than a free player, but I get 60%, so I get 20% more than them. Eventually just due to this small 20% boost, I will eventually catch up and surpass them, I'm already starting to get closer and closer.

But yeah, I am first place in everything else. The most important ranking I think is power level, which is how strong your fighting force of 5 characters are. You can have over 100 characters collected like me, but only use 5 of them at a time to fight. You basically just focus on leveling up.5 of your characters, and sacrifice the rest to make your 5 main characters stronger. My power level right now I think is at 1.2 million, the second place player is at 900k. The third place person is like at 700k. So yeah, I'm just so far ahead of literally everyone. This allows me to win any battles with anyone.

Arena is just about facing against other players and it resets every week. Even if you have a higher PL than someone, it doesn't necessarily mean you can beat them, because they might be able to outheal all of your damage for example or they could beat you if they have characters with better abilities. Even when I was like 100k-200k power level points weaker than the first place player, she still wasn't able to beat me because my characters would outheal her damage. There is always an "attacker" and a "defender" the attacker has to knock out all of the defender's characters within 15 moves, all the defender has to do is either survive, or knock out all of the enemy player's characters.

However, even as an attacker, I am able to just beat everyone. Even the second place player isn't able to survive against my damage output. I have an Arena winning streak of over 50 matches just because literally no one can beat me.

Last but not least is the Sky Tower. It's basically this level where you go up different floors and win against different enemies. The cool part is that the first person to beat a floor, their name is recorded forever. I think I'm the first person to reach 300, 325, 350, and 400. I just beat floor 400 tonight, while the second place person is only at floor 319. I'm just so far ahead of everyone like I said. I just completely surpassed and obliterated the former first place person basically.

While I was trying to reach them, they had been setting records and having their name recorded for all the floors prior, like floor 100, floor 150, etc. I just couldn't imagine myself catching up, ever. But eventually I did, after just a few days of playing.

Anyway, I am sleepy and tired. I'll write a proper entry tomorrow about how my past week overall has been going.

Written by JustMegawatt

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