May 27, 2024

If you fail, just try again

11:12 PM

We have infinite attempts until we die. Every attempt will be different, you don't ever get the same exact second chance, because circumstances change, time moves on,, but you can get the same chance in a different way. You might fail a math course, but you can retake it and get a second chance. This second time around, you might have a different professor, you might have different classmates, the dates will be entirely different, you will be entirely different, but you get a second try in a similar manner.

In the worst case scenario, and this will be very messed up to read and imagine, let's say the thing we are attempting is to draw a circle. However, as soon as we are about to complete drawing the circle, our arms are cut off, so we're not able to complete it. We can try again with our feet. If our feet get cut off too, we can try with our mouth and neck. If our mouth becomes shut tight, if we are unable to move our necks, then we'll have to settle with imagining having drawn the circle with our mind. In this way, we will always have infinite attempts until we die, even if it's just in our imagination.

The above is just the worst case scenario. In most situations, we will have a second attempt that can be considered close to the original. The extra attempts for my situation, are doing the dailies. I skipped doing my daily workouts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Actually on Thursday and maybe Friday, I think I just did one set of my workouts. So I did just one set of 2 pull ups, 2 chin ups, 10 push ups, 10 leg raises, and 10 squats. I failed because I didn't do at least 4 sets of these. I didn't do any of them during the weekend at all. Today I did 6 sets of these, I'm back on track again.

That's what I mean by just trying again when we fail. Yeah, I felt extremely regretful this weekend. I felt lazy again. I felt like I didn't want to do it again. I went through all the mental weakness and challenges that arose with starting a habit again, and I overcame them. It's not even hard to do these workouts, but something made me not do them, some mental blockage that said it was fine to skip a few days, that it was too hard to do (even though it's easy to do).

Anyway, today I got back on track, I did all my brain workouts again, I'm now in the 98th percentile of Peak, and my score is at around 719 or so. I read in the review, there was someone who has been playing the game for around 4 years, they posted that their streak was at 1200+ days, and their score was only at around 590 or so, below 600. Their review was complaining about how they had to get over 600 score, in order to advance in ranking for some of the games. That's crazy. I passed 600 score a long time ago, when I've only been playing the game for like a few days or something.

Anyway, my goal now is to reach the 99th percentile in all of the game categories. It's interesting that your score does drop if you perform terribly, but so far, I haven't had my score drop, pattern-wise. My score has dropped every now and then, by a few points, but in the long run, my points kept going up and up. So there's this trend or pattern of my score just continually rising. It's kind of hard for me to imagine being stuck at the sub-600s level. I don't want to get stuck anywhere.

On the app called Impulse, I am stuck. I am stuck at all of the levels where I am at right now. Your score can only go up when you get a perfect score in the games, but it's been a while since I've had that happen for me in most of the game modes. For all the math ones, I've been able to ace them easily. I just found them so easy. I can complete some of these math levels with almost a minute left in the timer. For the other games on Impulse though, I'm at whatever level I'm at for them. The games are hard.

I'm still first place in Waifu Zone Combat, but I am thinking of quitting. The game takes too much of my time, and even though I am in first place, the game just takes too long to complete the dailies. Every day you are supposed to log in and do some battles, and click on stuff, and there's literally just so many things to click on, that it literally takes like 2 hours to go through the dailies. So this takes up a lot of my time. I guess I'll keep playing as long as I walk while playing. Yeah, I will allow that. I can only play as long as I walk while playing.

Anyway I bought some more groceries today, and I made a bunch of smoothies. I was so happy to have bought some frozen fruits from Costco today because I can make smoothies at home. I love the combo of mango, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, smoothies. I just buy the 3 berry blend frozen berry combo at Costco, and then I also buy the 3 tropical fruit smoothie blend, or whatever it's called, and it comes with its own set of fruits. I blend these together and get such a tasty smoothie. I love it. It's so yummy and tasty and delicious.

I also cleaned up some of my shelves today. Isn't it kinda annoying having to clean up stuff? I just had to dust and clean up all my stuff on these shelves. I think it's kinda annoying that things get dusty over time. It's harder to tell when you have carpeted floors, because the dust gets hidden in the carpet, but with tiled floors like I have, the dust is very visible. It just always appears, day in and day out. It doesn't matter if I swept an hour ago, if I sweep again, there's always new dust that appears.

Yeah, I think overall today was a good day. I got a lot done, I exercised, I tweeted a vegan related tweet, I did my brain training. Yeah. I think today was overall a good day. It wasn't perfect, but I think I did good. I did what I could.

Written by JustMegawatt

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