July 5, 2020

Worked a Lot and Studied a Lot

7:47 PM

Waking Up

Today has been an exceptional Sunday compared to most of my other Sundays. Unlike those other Sundays, I didn't spend any time on entertainment today. I didn't watch a single video that wasn't relevant to my studies and work, I didn't even use my cell phone for anything while using the bathroom.

I woke up this morning at around 6 AM, I fell asleep at around 11 PM last night, so I got 7 hours of sleep. Not bad. I made a new rule last night where I not be turning on the lights and I would just keep the window blinds open. When it gets dark enough that I can no longer see in my room, I should just go to sleep. It doesn't get dark until around 9:00 PM usually, and last night I didn't go to sleep until 11 PM because I was on my computer the whole time.

Worked for 8+ hours

Anyway this morning I worked a lot. Probably the entire morning, I worked on some hard things, hard to me anyway, and I was able to complete them. Whenever I would get stuck, I would lie down on the floor and just put a pillow over my head, because there was nothing else for me to do. The only thing on my mind was work, and that was all. A solution or some workaround or something would pop up in my head after lying down long enough.

I got a good amount of work done because I worked from like 7 AM until 3 PM, only taking breaks to eat some food, use the bathroom, or to lie down on the floor. It sounds extreme but because I had no access to any any other activity basically, except for work, it was the only thing I could do. It sounds like it must be a miserable thing drudging for 8 hours straight, but I actually don't feel bad. Tired, as I write this, yes, but not bad.


Around 3 PM I think I took a nap for around 30 minutes. After that, I woke up and studied. Cool, I solved some really easy problems. They're really easy if I could solve them. I have not been studying for 8 hours straight today, I've been working on projects for 8 hours straight, they're completely separate activities and I find working on projects much easier and much more fun than studying. Anyway I only started studying after 3 PM today, and I guess I studied for a couple of hours. It's so hard and boring to study.

Getting Certified

I took a hackerrank certification test for problem solving at around 5 PM today out of impulse. It was completely out of impulse because just an hour before this, I didn't even know there was such a test available. I actually just wanted to take the test to study and practice, it wasn't to actually get any certifications. What ended up happening is I solved one of the problems in about 5 minutes, it was super easy. However I didn't understand the other problem, so I just skipped it. I literally didn't even do anything with it, I read the prompt and it was too hard for me so I skipped it, and then I just submitted my answers. A few minutes later it said I was certified... wow!

Anyway there was also a python certification test which was also extremely easy. I have a pretty expert level understanding of python so I did the entire thing in like 5 minutes and it was very easy, like beginner level easy.

These certifications mean absolutely nothing though. I was able to get both of them very easily, and they were free. I'm not going to be showing it off anywhere or adding it to anything, I think they have no value.

Driving Around

I drove out to the rich neighborhood again to start walking. However there was a huge thunderstorm, and when I got there it was raining exceptionally hard. I actually almost went out because I had an umbrella, and then changed my mind and started driving back home. When I started to drive back home, I must've reached a point where the clouds hadn't reached yet because it didn't rain much like 1 minute away from the rich neighborhood. So I ended up taking a long U-Turn around, to head back into the rich neighborhood again.

When I got back there again, it was raining even harder. The road I drove on earlier wasn't flooded, but now when I drove through just ~5 minutes later there was so much water flooding the place that there was like 1-2 inches of water on the road. It rained so hard and the water droplets were so large, that I actually had to drive at around 20-30 mph, and so did everyone else, because it was not possible to see anything, and I had the wipers on at maximum. I also had the volume in the car put up to very loud, because the droplets banging on the car were much louder than the car's radio.

Anyway my mom called and told me to come back home and to not walk outside. I'm usually outside walking from 7:30 PM to around 10:00 PM and she gets upset I'm out so late and when it's dark. I start walking when there's a lot of sunlight, I just don't make it back to the car until around 9:30 PM and it's usually very dark by then. Anyway I started driving back home because it was a bad idea to walk outside in this kind of weather, even with an umbrella.

When I got back to the main street that my neighborhood was in though, there was no rain anywhere. A couple hours has already passed since I got home, and it just never rained in my area I guess, but it did rain very hard just a few miles down.

Other Thoughts

It's 8:27 PM right now and I am really sleepy right now. There's still a bit of sun left outside, so I can still see in my room pretty clearly. However I'm sleepy enough that I just don't want to do anything else anymore. I worked on something for 8+ hours straight and then I studied for a few hours, I think that's enough activity in a day. I am so tired. So sleepy. I'm going to read a regular book or something as I lie down waiting for the sun to depart. There's still that rule of not turning on any lights, so as soon as I'm not able to read this book anymore, I'll be going to bed, probably at the earliest time I have ever slept at all year.

Written by JustMegawatt

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