July 6, 2020


HGR's meteoric rise in Shop Titans continues. "I have broken into the top 1000," he announced last night to newbie and me, "and I feel my ascension is inevitable. Number one, son."

newbie was concerned that HGR has been playing too much Shop Titans. He tried to launch a one-man intervention, which HGR no-sold. (I could've told newbie it wouldn't work.) One of newbie's talking points was that if HGR quit Shop Titans, he could raid more. That doesn't even make any sense; HGR already raids as often as we can. Silver and Kan are the limiting factors.

That leads us to today, which is raid day. (Side note: Have you noticed that Silver never seems to have any food in his house? Every raid day, he drags himself out of bed, says hi to everyone, and then has to step out for a bit to go buy breakfast.) We're still fighting Ramuh. We didn't get to enrage, but I think we've seen all the major mechanics at this point. Also, Dante spends like half the fight locked in 1v1 combat with a homicidal bird.

The coolest mechanic is definitely Fury's Fourteen, in which Ramuh summons 14 spears, arranged in two rows of 7. In a few moments, lightning will strike each spear, creating aoes that will blanket the field and kill us all. But immediately beforehand, Ramuh does a knockback attack. So we stand alongside one row of spears, with one of us next to each spear. (and the main tank does...something idk what) If we're positioned right, Ramuh will fling each of us into a spear, which snaps in half because it is cheap bargain-bin junk, and then lightning doesn't strike that side of the field and we all live.

But it requires good team coordination because if just one person messes up and doesn't break their spear, the resulting lightning strike will kill us all. I once helped wipe the team because I apparently don't know "west" from "east" lmao

Mid-fight, numbers got distracted because he was thinking about resurrecting the Innocence mpreg meme, and he died. Then he told everyone about it. So then I was thinking about it instead of moving out of my thundercloud, and I also died. Innocence too strong plz nerf

After raid, we all dispersed, but newbie and HGR stayed hanging out. Everything seems cool between them now. HGR was explaining the discount and surcharge mechanics to him, and also explaining that it'll take much less time to maintain the #1 position once he gets it.


edit (7/6): My left wrist was aching last night, and it's still not quite 100% this morning, which is a little concerning. Should I be icing it after raid? Anyway, it reminds me to write down my hypercharge windows before I forget.

  1. opener [barrel stabilizer] [wildfire]
  2. while pre-positioning for clouds
  3. after placing my cloud & hitting arm's length for levinforce
  4. after the "stack on Kan" knockback [wildfire]: I'm 10-15 heat short but I have time to get it and then use it
  5. before Fury's Fourteen: non-lethal Judgment Bolt -> GET ORB -> stand on 4 -> hypercharge (this is dicey but I think it works?)
  6. after Fury's Fourteen & pre-positioning for stepped leader #2

Written by Achaius

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