July 7, 2020




11:34: @ayearagotoday is fast! Yesterday I've written a comment and today they already are finished! Now we'll see the cover photo also in our Dashboard and it's so beautifully colourful now!!! Also now you'll see which photo will be the cover and it's the first again. I had problems with that yesterday night. I wanted the tarta de queso to be the cover, it was but then it was the drawing of the cute princess my sister did and today it was suddenly the Desoxyribonukleinsäure probably as the result of the update.

Now I've corrected it and the cheese tart should stay the cover :3

Today I'll work on the informatic projects of MINT I've still have to do. Also I got a message from another project called makeupyourMINT. I didn't know they were different i thought they belong togerther. But the kind person from Instagram told me and sent me the registration. I've also printed everything out, the documents plus the sheetmusic I didn't print out before. Now I don't need to take a few seconds break when playing because I have to swipe down. (AKA swiping up in order to get down).

I filled that out and now I wait until she answers if i have to fill in this one field on one page or if they do that. Then I'll send pictures and the documents per post when I get the chance.

Then I looked through the paper-rock-scissors project but I didn't find the mistake that seems to be somewhere. So I handed in anyway because I have no idea why it doesn't work if it looks logically, I've done exactly what the tutorial said and Christoph (who had seen the right side) said it looks good.

19:39: What a day... I printed out and filled in the documents for the registration at that laboratory thing. Also I printed out the notes. I played the flute and then I looked after Maximilian and somehow tried to play with him. Mom made Pizza. Now I'll listen to the art livestream.

20:50: The Livestream was really good :) For anyone interested, check out @rosyandgrey.de


Written by Plesi`

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Posted On Jul 08, 2020

You got it Plesi`! What you reported was a bug so we definitely wanted to fix it right away. Let us know anytime you encounter anymore!

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