March 8, 2020

the party's at sam's club this weekend

Visiting parents this weekend, so no raiding for me. HGR is crestfallen. Meracydia is excited, though; she gets to ride the big train.

Jem was planning to come as well, but he sprained his right ankle and couldn't manage the four-hour drive. On the plus side, he told Mom he's doing better at work. (I had no idea he had issues at work in the first place. He's the diligent son, a high-flying software developer constantly working late hours and going on international business trips and rising through the ranks. I'm the slacker son with a cushy 9-to-5 job, no opportunities for advancement and no interest in advancement either.

But apparently, unbeknownst to me, Jem got yelled at by his team leader for missing deadlines. Then he got a new team leader who is a hardass, so, more yelling ensued. Not a good situation. He says that he's gotten his act together, and he's going to switch to a new team leader soon, so hopes are up for the future. Still, this is why I prefer my own job.)

For Mom's birthday lunch, we went to Ko Fusion, which is notable because Mom's talked about the place for literally years, and for literally years I heard it as "Cold Fusion." Nope: it's a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant. I got the Korean sashimi bowl, which was delicious.

Afternoon was errand time. We went to Wal-Mart, but they were sold out of Clorox wipes. So we moseyed over to Sam's Club and found ourselves in a teeming throng of coronavirus preppers. "A madhouse," said a passer-by. People had carts piled high with jumbo packs of toilet paper (Our Biggest Mega Roll! 1900 more sheets!), paper towels, bottled water, pet food and kitty litter, and nonperishable food items. Unsurprisingly, Clorox wipes were sold out there too. Mom said she heard they were selling online for $98 a four-pack.

HGR's take: If we're all quarantined or working from home, maybe we can raid more than once a week.


(pictured below right: Mom's homemade laksa. so good)

Written by Achaius

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