July 7, 2020

Another thought

I feel like today is halfway sunshine and all, then a bit grey haha. Managed to keep being productive at the same time it drains me a lot. So here I am unwinding with either exercise or editing pics (or chess but it gets intense so maybe not 😂).

I took this pic (kind of happy with the angle haha) and I felt it personally. I feel like life can be so confusing or rewarding, sometimes affected by our actions or it could be out of our control. Most people are so eager to get to the 'top', joining along this rat race. It is a bit worrying because sometimes, others race so hurriedly that they got lost. There are others that even hurt each other to get there.

These are just my thoughts but it made me think, how would I really want to live my life? Is that all there is to life? To get to the top? And when you get there, will you really be happy?

I took time thinking about it. I got my answer and it affirms me on my stand, but I shared hoping that you took time thinking about these things as well. We don't have forever to live. We need to make it count.

Written by elvena_art

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