April 12, 2020

Mostly Looked Up Cycling Info

8:38 AM (of Wednesday, July 8th 2020)

Today is Sunday, April 12th 2020 and for some reason I didn't write an entry for today. In my own words on April 10th, there was so little going on in my life that there was nothing to write about. I think that's a very simple and clear explanation. I'm going to have to look at my web browsing history for these missing dates though to try and fill in the gaps.

8:25 AM (of Thursday, July 9th 2020)

Today is still Sunday, April 12th 2020 and let's see what I did today. I read up a lot of information on cycling today, it looks like I was researching how cycling was better than running, and I read a bunch of cycling articles. From 10 AM to 3 PM though there was a gap of web browsing activity, I am not sure what I did then. I didn't work on any personal projects or study or anything like that. Maybe I just went out for a walk or something?

Anyway that was my day today. I didn't do much except read a bunch of cycling related material, and then that was it.

Written by JustMegawatt

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