July 9, 2020

FedEx fracas

Maybe I do need to fix my sleep cycle. I woke up at 8:15 am (I had to set an alarm for this) because I was expecting an important call from FedEx "no earlier than 8:30." Before quarantine, this would have been a weekend luxury, sleeping in. Now I feel like microwaved barf.

It's 11 am, by the way, and FedEx has not called yet. If I don't get a call by noon I'm going to have to call them again myself.


Here's the deal. On June 29, I ordered my prescriptions from the Walgreens site. They said delivery in 5-10 days, expect delays because of covid.

Because they said to expect delays, I foolishly did not check the package status until last night. I discovered that FedEx allegedly tried delivering the package three times. Each time they found "customer not available or business closed," so they took their ball and went home. (I was home all those times. Possibly they couldn't get into the apartment building, for which I would blame the main office.) In any case, they said to come pick up my package at the FedEx warehouse within two days or they would return it to sender.

Google indicates the warehouse is 9 miles away on foot, so I could technically walk there, but it would be a six-hour round trip in nearly 90-degree heat. More importantly, the trek would take me through unsafe/gang territory, and I'd be an easy mark staring at Google Maps on my cell phone. Alternately, I could take the train and walk from there, but trains are bad news in covid city.

So I called FedEx at around 8 pm last night. The customer service rep said that the warehouse was closed for the night (understandably), but she sent them a message asking them to call me in the morning.

By noon today, I had received no phone call, so I called up FedEx again. The customer service rep was quite apologetic (and I mean, he has no control over the package, none of this is his fault). He tried calling the warehouse three times, got no response, left a message saying this is MEDICATION and the customer NEEDS IT PLZ.

I was left cooling my heels until nearly 7 pm, when I got a phone call from FedEx (!!) saying, basically, "the delivery dude is downstairs but he can't get in." (Oh, yeah, figures. The main office staff has gone home by now.) So I ran downstairs and signed for the package. woooo

I was feeling zonked all day, but am noticeably better now.

I should still try and sleep earlier, though.

Also, to point out, I had none of these problems when getting insurance documentation delivered via UPS a couple months ago. They got in and came straight to my door. UPS! is the best!

Written by Achaius

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