July 10, 2020

junk in space

A problem in the way I draw environments/spaces is that I make them too sterile and empty. I feel like this happens whenever I pick up a straightedge to do a "real" perspective drawing:

  1. Everything is rigidly straight and aligned to the perspective grid.
  2. Everything is carefully placed so it doesn't touch or interact with anything else, because interactions are complicated and might bump things off the grid.
  3. I draw like five objects and then stop, because I'm afraid of messing up what I've already drawn, and I also lack imagination about what to add.

Real life spaces are not like this. I mean, just look at the room I'm sitting in. Is there junk everywhere? YES. Is it carefully aligned at right angles? NO. Is it placed neatly/separately? haha NO. I need more of this energy in my art (and less of it in my room lol).

Moving to digital art would help; I'd be free to experiment and add stuff without being worried about "messing up" existing objects. But I think the bigger problem is lack of imagination and lack of visual library. When I was drawing my room rater axolotl pic, I mapped out the basic outlines of the area (walls, shelves) and then got intimidated by all the space that I had no idea how to fill.

(An aside: That photo of a gavel makes no sense. Why would you frame a photo of a gavel?? I should've made it a display box with an actual gavel inside. And then I should've added more toy dinosaurs standing around/on top)

Anyway, I think I just need more practice to get comfortable with objects in spaces. Come to think of it, this is the first proper interior I've done in 2020. Okay, goal for the night: Get started on another interior pic. And don't spend forever looking through characters and references! Just pick something and draw it!

Written by Achaius

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