July 10, 2020



In the morning, I finished some analysis, then headed on-site for 2 trainings. I finished some stuff that needed to be done on an on-site computer, then came home.

My mom was vacuuming and wanted me to vacuum a different part of the house, but when she was done with the vacuum she said I didn't have to do it and seemed upset about it? I don't know what I was supposed to do. There's only one vacuum.

Then i wasted a bunch of time on webcomics. Typical.

Today I read:

Armstrong SM, Sugiyama MG, Fung KY, et al. A novel assay uncovers an unexpected role for SR-BI in LDL transcytosis. Cardiovasc Res. 2015;108(2):268-277. doi:10.1093/cvr/cvv218

And learned a bit about the Okinawans.

I think I might delete all my online accounts for a while, save for maybe this journal. They're distractions and I don't need them.

Written by lays_chips

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Posted On Jul 11, 2020

I don't think you have to delete the other accounts, you can just log out of them and not log back on. Web comics are a huge distraction too.

I'm going to spend the entire day studying today, probably over 12 hours of studying. We'll see how it goes in my entry later tonight.

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