July 11, 2020

2020/07/11 - Tamagochi



19:12: And another day without practicing instruments. I did the Tamagochi project today and it was fun. I didn't get everything but that's okay. Now I need to wait for monday probably for the review. But then I can work on the App projects.

I downloaded the new mlp colouring game. I thought it was like a virtual colouring book but it's like those colour by number game that appeared to be a trend. At least, there was a time there were a lot of advertising with those. I need something for 30 minute creativity. I made the tamagochi box, but i doubt that took so long.

what can I doo...

I recently got advertisment for this website which offers wool and stuff for.. not knitting but that other thing. Maybe knitting too, but I've got advertisment for that other thing. There are also loads of free instructions. Some are even totally cute, like a rainbowcake or a lemon or like here cherries adna cupcake. But there are also a lot of clothing things.


Sun12:37: I didn't finish this entry.... Yesterday I looked through the MINT App and did the project with Kryptowährungen and it was interesting. Therefor I drew a picture. During that i listened to YT videos about Trump, what people think about him in America. Then I read a chapter of the bible and went to bed. It was a lready late but I got caught up thinking of tongue talking so I googled it and found a good website. It was good although I still felt unsecure but that'll get better.


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