July 11, 2020

Studied pretty much the entire day (except at night)

12:05 PM (of Sunday, July 12th 2020)

Today is Saturday, July 11th 2020 and I don't remember what time I slept light night, but I woke up at around 6 AM. I think I didn't get that many hours of sleep.

The first thing I did was work on updating the Habitica challenges, declaring winners, closing them off, and creating new ones. It took a lot longer than normal because I was doing some other unnecessary things as well. It should've only taken an hour, it probably took two. I don't remember what I did exactly but it wasn't necessary.

After that I was set to study for the rest of the entire day. There were about 4-5 chapters I had to go through, and I ended up only doing one chapter the entire day. There were some concepts and problems I was stuck on for hours, and I couldn't wrap my head around. Eventually though I got it, and I guess I hit a "eureka" moment after just reading through it enough times, and I made a video explaining it as best as I could to make the concept clear and easy. I did not get such an easy explanation of the concepts, so I had to learn that on my own. I think my own explanation makes it easy to understand, but it definitely took me longer to understand it myself.

I guess it didn't really take that long to get through the concepts. But still it was around 6:30 PM when I stopped studying because I figured I should go walk outside instead. The time went by so quickly from noon to 6:30 PM that it was kinda unbelievable. At 6:30 PM I prepared to go out for a walk, but I let some of my urges slip and I relapsed again. I wrote a private entry about the events, but I was so distracted for the entire night, that I didn't get to go out at all, and I didn't get to study any other chapters at all.

So yeah relapsing there was a mistake. It's kind of weird how quickly time passes. There's a wedding invitation sticker on the fridge that my mom got that was dated for May 23 2020, or some day in May. She got this invitation last year, like in October maybe, or earlier. I just remember seeing it for the first time and thinking "That is forever from now!" and look at that, the date is already past. Likewise, my relapsing lasted the entire night and to me that felt like forever, but it's already over.

Now I'm going to have to cram harder the next day and focus a lot more.

Written by JustMegawatt

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