March 8, 2020

Daylight's Savings Time and Played a Game for Most of the Day

23:24 of Monday, March 9th 2020

Sunday was quite a day. It was daylight's savings time, so we had to move forward an hour. My clock said I woke up at 9:44 AM roughly, but without DST it would have been 8:44 AM. Anyway, I had the entire day planned. There was just one thing I wanted to do today, and I wanted to get that done, which was basically to catch up to where I am with my finances. I have no idea what the heck happened, but I ended up not doing that.

Instead I played Athene's game that morning and then I joined his stream, and I chatted with him on there for a bit. That was cool that he read some of my messages out loud. I really only had one goal that day and this activity really sabotaged it. I don't even remember what else happened the entire day. All I know is that, I think, I played that game basically all day. I really can't believe how quickly the time passed by. Before I knew it, it was already 5 PM! Ah yeah, I had also exhausted many of the gameplay guide and tutorial videos for that game, like I just spent so many hours on this game. Geez.

Around 5 PM I asked my dad if he wanted to walk, and he said he couldn't because his knee swelled up. I think jogging outside at the pace we did might have been too much for him. So he ended up not going for the walk and he went out with my mom to go shopping. I ended up going for a walk when the sun was just starting to come down, I walked one way for around 2 miles then I jogged for around 2 miles back. It was already quite dark when I headed out, I didn't expect to go out so late, and by the time I reached the midpoint, it was already night time darkness.

Jogging back was fun, but dangerous. There were a bunch of times I had to cross the street but the cars probably could not even see me even though I had some reflectors on my jacket , so I just made a mad dash during those occasions. Just making sure not to die. Drivers are just on autopilot, just always plowing through their turns when they see the road is open and they can enter, without looking at the sidewalk for any pedestrians. Let's say a car is making a left turn, in the US the cars drive on the right, so making a left turn means having to cross the other street, a lot of people just turn automatically and they crush the pedal once they see that the other road is clear, without stopping to pause to see if there are any pedestrians crossing.

I see it all the time when I'm about to cross the street, I'm just standing there about to take a step, I look to my right and I see a car about to turn, the road is clear for him, so he just turns and goes super fast without any consideration. I think I've done that before too, and so now I make sure to stop and look for pedestrians too. Actually yeah, I need to do that a lot more often. This is why there's generally very few pedestrians out and about, because it's so hard to get around with the cars almost nearly running you over. Also the cars are extremely loud.

When inside a car, you don't hear how much noise you make. Stand on the sidewalk though, and just stand there while cars drive by, and the noise is really deafening. It's so very loud. The faster the cars go, the louder they are. Some cars have loud engines too. What's worst are the trucks that drive by, they have their exhaust pointed to the right, and so they're always blowing exhaust smoke on pedestrians walking by. Then when you inhale it, it's like this oily perfumy kind of smell, that you know is bad for your lungs, but can't do anything about it.

Yeah, anyway, that was my entire day today. I just basically played that game, I walked over 30 minutes outside, and then spent more or less 30 minutes jogging back. Actually my pace was around 11 minute miles, so it doesn't make sense that I ran for 30 minutes if I only travelled 2 miles, so I may have only ran for like 25 minutes total or around there.

Anyway that was my Sunday, a very plain day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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