July 12, 2020

over and over doth lightning strike thee

(and over, and over, and...)

You gotta feel a little bad for Ramuh. He ordered four spears online from Big Blob's Great Weapon Shop, and hungry blob handled the delivery and broke one of them, so when Ramuh stuck them at the four corners of the field there was a safe corner. Ramuh was furious. He called up the store to complain. big blob apologized and offered to send him fourteen spears to compensate; but hungry blob also handled that delivery and grabbed the bargain-bin spears ("he'll never notice"), and you already know how that worked out. It's just not Ramuh's day.

But you gotta feel worse for HGR, because he died twice on our winning pull, so his parse is garbage. He scored a record low for him (still higher than me LOL). He is very bummed about this.

So yeah, we beat Ramuh today. We cleared on the final run before Silver had to leave—boosted by the "final pull bonus," as Silver put it. It was a close thing. Ramuh was charging up his enrage attack. Before that, we had a run where we hit enrage at 1%.

Fury's Fourteen is a cool mechanic in concept, but irritating in practice because it's so fiddly. It requires precise positioning from all eight people, and if even one person is mildly off, it's a wipe. I love being fourth spear though. I just park myself east mid and unload two full heat gauges into the boss's face while everyone else is running around figuring out the north-south orientation; and if someone yells WEST then I move a couple squares west.

A disappointing thing: I played my heart out and still only parsed 9%. Like okay check out these stats:

  • 5 wildfire windows (4 were perfect, the remaining one had only five GCDs)
  • 14 overheat windows (13 were perfect, the remaining one had only four GCDs, wasn't the same one)
  • 125 heat lost to an overcapped gauge

So it's not great, but it's a vast improvement from my E1S clear, where I overcapped 430 heat (literally used no heat between 5:07 and 9:10 lmao) and screwed up every wildfire. Yet they're both 9%??

Meh, whatever. Maybe it's gear; maybe it's just a higher caliber of player beating E5S. I played my personal best and it felt great. Eden's Verse is long—plenty of time for further improvement.

  • (5:05:24 PM) meisnewbie: also numbers
  • (5:05:29 PM) meisnewbie: halfway through one of the pulls
  • (5:05:38 PM) meisnewbie: I started thinking about pregnant innocence
  • (5:05:45 PM) meisnewbie: I had to try so hard not to say anything
  • (5:05:47 PM) numbers: This... is my Legacy

Written by Achaius

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