March 9, 2020

A Really Hot Day in Winter


Today is still part of the winter equinox which ends on March 19th, 2020, and yet it was hot like summer. It was over 70 F degrees today, in a season where it's supposed to be under 40 F degrees normally. We had no snow days this entire year, and throughout the year it was so warm that I never had to wear anything more than a light jacket. Today I wore just a shirt, like a business casual shirt. A lot of people I saw on the sidewalks as I drove by on my way back from work, wore shorts and a shirt, like it was freaking spring or summer.

You know what a comment I heard at work today was? "The weather is so good today" it's not!! It's catastrophic weather! It's not supposed to be this warm during the winter, and it's only getting warmer every single year. This is pretty much the average mindset when it comes to the temperature. People are really not informed, and most people are ignorant to all the weather calamities and environmental disasters happening around them. It's a very grim place, but the place to learn about this is Reddit's collapse sub, so That's where all the environmental related news is posted, and a lot of events such as the Amazon rainforest being burned for cattle and livestock, the Australian fires, and even Coronavirus, were all hitting that subreddit months upon months earlier than any other source. It's actually a total disaster what the world is coming to.

I think more people should read that sub. But it's also quite depressing. There are actually environmental science students who believe nothing is amiss so what is expected for the average person to know? There are also a bunch of people in the collapse sub that eat meat even though it's disastrous for the environment, some of them even have kids which is even worse for the environment. So it's a sub with valuable information, but it also could be considered a hypocritical one.

Anyway I walked outside today. Around 8000 steps. Which is not bad, I didn't run or anything though. Also there was a terrible smell outside today, maybe it was a dead body of an animal or some sort of chemicals? A person I walk with during work made a grimacing face as he smelled that. I also sweat a lot while walking outside in just a shirt, because it was so hot.

Anyway I went home after work with the expectation of running outside later today or going to the gym or something. Well neither of that happened. Instead, I did it. I was able to catch up on my finances, which is what I wanted to do yesterday, but ended up being distracted by a video game. I feel great having caught up though. Also I ate a lot of food tonight. Why do I sabotage myself? 5 steps forward, 4 steps back. That's how I do things apparently.

I already have a pretty good, solid plan. I just need to follow the guide that I set for myself and all will be well.

Written by JustMegawatt

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