July 12, 2020

Another day of studying

8:09 PM (of Monday, July 13th 2020)

Today is Sunday, July 12th 2020 and it was basically a repeat of yesterday (Saturday). I studied again throughout most of the day from the very morning until around 6 PM when I just felt so resigned to how much left I had to study, and I gave up studying. I did manage to finish about one and a half chapters which is a half more than yesterday, so that's great.

I guess I did learn a lot, I know more today than two days ago, it just doesn't really feel like it. It doesn't seem that much has changed at all, even though I'm a little more specialized and improved compared to the past me, not much has really changed. I'm a "better" version of myself two days ago, because there's a lot of knowledge I possess now that I only dreamed of attaining two days ago, but now that I have that knowledge, things don't feel as revolutionary as I imagined.

Anyway I did "mess up" or relapse again twice tonight. I couldn't help it. After studying for so long, I again had the option of going out for a jog/walk or just staying at home. It was raining out, so I stayed at home, and I was bored, so I messed up.

After that, I kept on studying until I went to sleep at a time which was early for me, around 11 PM.

Written by JustMegawatt

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