July 13, 2020


I slept very poorly because I had a lot of dreams/nightmares that I would wake up repeatedly from.

Today I woke up and went to the doctor, for a routine check in. I asked for them to run a hormone panel for me, because of a health condition I have. I didn't want anything but the results for my own reference, but the doctor was very rude to me. They seemed put off and angry that I even requested a "non-essential" hormone panel and told me that they weren't responsible for "managing" me. I didn't ask for them to do that. I just wanted the labs run.

Considering finding a new doctor. My old one was nice, but they left the clinic.

Then I went to work, worked, and went home. I got home around 7, showered, ate, and then my mom came home with groceries. I wiped those down, put them away, and worked on a few job applications. I'm going to bed early because I'm tired.

Also, if Jen with the chronic illnesses reads this, have you considered testing for a B12 deficiency? Fatigue, depression, and anemia all fit with that. My mom is very into B12 being the cause of a bunch of stuff (she had a deficiency and now is obsessed), so maybe consider supplementing it or getting your levels tested. Serum levels aren't useful since you can still be at an inadequate intake and using up your body stores. Instead, a methylmalonic acid test should be done to assess your B12 status. It could help a little bit, although what do I know?

I'm pretty tired so I probably wrote something stupid.

Written by lays_chips

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Posted On Jul 14, 2020

"Then I went to work, worked, and went home." story of my working life. I have written something akin to that sentence numerous times.

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