July 14, 2020

A new improvement

Applied the OTT planning for task-list, right after finishing the first chapter and woah, the difference is so huge. The one below was my previous way of task-listing, and the one above is after I applied the technique. 

My workload just visually looked less burdensome and I was more focused. Such a simple yet powerful technique, and such a good book. I'm glad to take small yet sure steps to be more productive than before. I mean, when it comes to self-development, you can never get enough💪

To those that want to know about it further.

"3 most Important/ 1 must technique"

(used by the major league baseball trainers/athletes) 

•Among all those tasks that you have, choose 3 that is MOST important for you to complete for the day. Just 3. This is difficult at 1st from my own experience cuz I need to choose, prioritize and optimize my time. These could be related to 1 big project or 3 different things, as long as it is ur main priorities among all.  

•Then add 1 MUST task. It could be one of the 3, or related to all/any of the 3.

•This list have to be completed the day before so you will be more ready for next day. And it's suggested to get these task list done before late in the noon (cuz other 'emergencies' task will always come in) 

•These questions may help you to get on the right track:

"What are the 3 most important things I need to get done tomorrow?"

"What is the 1 most important task I must get done?"

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jul 14, 2020

That's a simple but powerful idea, to have a plan for tomorrow ready to go before the day ends. Most days I don't really have a plan for what's going to happen (so nothing ends up happening). Then there are some days where I have a vague notion of what's going to happen (maybe studying for an exam, or traveling or something), and if I write about doing those things the next day, then it's what ends up usually happening.

Posted On Jul 15, 2020

@JustMegawatt yeah, it definitely changes how I see and do things. I'm a person who tries to do as much as I can, hence my to do list is a LOT (the one in the pic is just my draft haha). At some point it became a stumbling block for me. This is a refreshing way of showing/reminding me to prioritize and it's like a pat in the back saying "girl, take one step at a time." That made me tear up a bit haha

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