July 14, 2020


Today I had a not great day. I'm having a lot of anxiety. I hope it passes. I'm having trouble doing normal tasks, so I'm trying to see if I can do "fun" and "easy" tasks, like writing my journal in the early afternoon before the day is over.

I woke up early and felt exhausted. I had to sprint on my bike to try to catch the bus, but I still missed it. I had a really early start at work, but I still got there much earlier than expected, so I cleaned out my desk.

Then I was at work.

After work, I wrote this and cleaned out my desk area again.

On the bright side, I got my hormone tests back, and the numbers have improved greatly with lifestyle modifications. I'm feelings more motivated to stick to the plan.

I will update later with what I do with the rest of my day. My plan is: job applications, bike home, bodyweightfitness RR, cook/eat, draw or work on data or do more applications.

I got home really hungry and decided to eat first, do some work (after watching some funny youtube videos to lift my mood), and then I was really sleepy so I decided I would do the RR in the morning before leaving or something along those lines.

how to assess vitamin B12 nutriture:

i believe my current serum levels are well over 900.

Written by lays_chips

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