July 15, 2020

A reminder

Continued my reading on this good book. And this page, that quote right there hits me (in a good way). I'm reminded to focus one thing at a time, and to do them with quality.

I like how it shows the reality that we can never run away from sudden emergencies, overload of informations everywhere (in meetings and classes) or those sudden mini chores (that can be numerous). But the choice of prioritizing and learning to differentiate what is URGENT and what is IMPORTANT is crucial. We all make choices, in this situation, in our lives we have to choose wisely.

I learned that not all urgent things are important things. That learning to say no to some is to say yes to more important stuff in life. It is something we need to learn to master, and I think that's what differentiate busy people and productive people.

I started the day feeling a bit down, but my mood improved with a good warm drink, my devotion time and this book. I almost wanted to ditch my OTT planning for today, but as much as I want to, I still sat down and get them done. Cuz my brain was like "it's just 3 things?! What's so hard about it? "

It feels good knowing that I achieved what I must to do today, and how my mood is better now. For a better day tomorrow 🌸

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jul 16, 2020

Nice one, glad you got your 3 OTT things done :)

I'm only getting my 1 MUST and only 1 MOST done today. I couldn't do the other 2 MOST because I didn't have enough time. Work and other responsibilities just prevented me from doing those final 2 things.

Posted On Jul 17, 2020

@JustMegawatt I totally understand, that was me yesterday. It makes me realize just how much prioritization and commitment OTT actually requires. Maybe we need to adjust what are those important things better. I'm sure as long as we consistently do it, we will get better at it 😊

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