July 14, 2020

Another day that also went by pretty fast

6:10 AM (of Wednesday, July 15th 2020)

Morning and Before Work

Today is Tuesday, July 14th 2020 and I had a pretty good day. I fell asleep last night at around 12:30 AM because I was up browsing that random website I wrote about, and then I woke up this morning at around 6:30 AM. I just had a general idea for what I would do for the day, but not really anything specific or concrete that I would work on. I remember taking some morning log pictures, and then working on my entry for Monday. That's pretty much all I did this morning before work. Yeah I think that entry took me over an hour to write, it really shouldn't have taken that long.


After I finished writing my entries a bit before 9 AM, I started work since I had nothing else to do. Work was okay, I was able to complete some things here and there, not bad. I don't get too much detail about work since I'm not sure if I can write about everything I do or even anything specific I did. At around noon I walked outside to get some sun, there's been a few days where I haven't gone outside at all and I read that I need at least 10 minutes a day in the sun to get some vitamin D.

After Work - John Harvey Kellogg

After work was kind of a blur with my activities, again I didn't have anything concrete planned out except walking outside, whatever I did was random. I browsed some websites for a bit, I watched some Steve Jobs videos and read about Dr. Kellogg (the same guy who made the cereal company). Apparently Dr. Kellogg was one of the most famous health/fitness promoters during the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was a vegetarian that ran the number one health resort in the United States (probably the world too at the time), and came up with lots of pioneering ideas and inventions.

One of the inventions was the breakfast cereal (Corn Flakes) which was actually invented accidentally and became popular among patients, it was liked so much he later sold it to the public and it became a huge hit. He is also one of the people credited with the invention of peanut butter, the first person to patent meat substitutes (however meat substitutes like seitan originated around 2000 years ago in China), he patented soy milk (again China already had it since at least 1365). He invented massage devices like massage chairs, and a bunch of other inventions.

Helio Gracie

Another guy I read about was Helio Gracie. Helio Gracie invented Brazilian Jiujitsu and he founded a family specializing in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Now the name Gracie is synonymous with martial artist expertise and their family is feared world wide in the MMA world. However recently the Japanese have been able to beat the Gracies, coming up with specific technique to counter and beat them (previously they were reputed as being unbeatable). Helio Gracie was also another vegetarian who cut out meat at the age of 27 (he shared this and one other thing with Kellogg. the "other thing" is what actually made me read about Helio).

Not Messing Up

I like both of these guys. I only found both of these guys because they were featured on the site I mentioned last night as some prominent people who "didn't mess up", it was just coincidental they were both vegetarian which I applaud. I really thought the sample size of people who didn't mess up would be a total of like 5 people at the most. There are quotes on both of them on messing up and why they didn't. The last time I messed up was on July 13th. I find it really hard not to mess up though.

B12 Info

@Lays_chips sent me some B12 info and her entire college nutrition class essay on anemia, which I read. It was a good paper, lots of factual unbiased information, lots of sources cited. It's vital vegans take a B12 supplement. Again I don't feel any symptoms of low B12 but my MCV values were a little bit higher than normal, and so I need to tread carefully and make sure I'm taking my B12 supplements.

I plan on taking B12 every day for two weeks, because there have been weeks and months where I skipped taking B12 and that may have caused it to lower. After that, I'm getting a blood test mid next month, around 15th of August. I plan on taking the following items for blood test / physical: CBC (Complete Blood Count), Urine, MMA (best way to measure B12, if they have it), Iron, Zinc, and Hormones (I'm just interested in my testosterone levels, I'm pretty confident they're way higher than average). My last blood test was last year, everything came out great, but my MCV values were higher than the normal range.

Anyway lays_chips did say she was looking for a job and felt anxious today so I offered to review her resume if she wanted and she could review mine too. It was a very forward question/request and I guess I did it to continue the conversation and connect more, but I think I really need to stop. That was asking for way too much where we'd both basically get lots of each other's personal info. I think I should've let it end at the B12 conversation and just left it at that. I do weird / gutsy things sometimes at my detriment, but at least I learn from every mistake.

3 Most / 1 Must

I learned from @Elvena_Art today about the 3 Most / Must technique. It's to write down 3 most important things to do for tomorrow, and 1 must do thing for tomorrow. It sounds simple enough, but let's try it out. Here's my 3 MOST and my 1 MUST for tomorrow (Wednesday, July 14th):

3 Most:

1) Walk at least 10,000 steps

2) Catch up on logs

3) Catch up on finances

1 Must:

1) Complete all my homework assignments due tomorrow night

Pretty simple list. If I get these done, that's amazing. Anyway I'll apply this technique starting Wednesday and we'll see how I do. After that we'll continue applying it if it works well.


After browsing AYAT for a while I went out for a walk. I drove to the wealthy neighborhood again and just walked around. There's this large sports place that is open now apparently, it's a cool and fun place to go. I usually take my shirt off to get a more even tan all around, but I had to walk a bit further down the block before I felt comfortable to do it, since there were people at the sports facility now. I can't see how that place is profitable right now, it's a massive place, and its operating costs must be huge, but there were only a few cars in the parking lot.

I walked for about 2 hours, and listened to some audio. Maybe it's because I've walked through here dozens of times already and completely recognize the place, but it felt like I wasn't walking much distance at all. Sure I took 10,000 steps, which is 5 miles, but it didn't feel that way. It felt like I walked a few steps and then it was over.

Oh and there were a bunch of geese on the side of the road at one point, but there were one or two that were on the road itself. It's funny how cars will stop in front of geese and wait a minute or more until they pass, thinking they're sparing a bird's life here, but then they go to a restaurant and take the lives of 5 or more birds in a single meal eating several chicken wings. Oh society, you are funny.


I came home at around 9 PM and didn't turn on the lights in my room. I turned on my laptop and was about to write an entry, but I felt very sleepy and tired. I think it was from not turning on any lights. Anyway I just sat in my room there in the dark, nothing but the light from my laptop, reflecting on some things like some of the mistakes I made today and I only felt regretful. I studied as well, working on a homework assignment and trying to make sure I understood a concept. I fell asleep at around 11 PM and I felt like I had a mostly solid grasp of that concept I studied, but overall I felt really bad that night.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jul 16, 2020

@lays_chips Thanks :)

Messing up is pretty much what it sounds like. It's just me doing something I didn't want to do but fell back into doing. I know no one is perfect but there are just some things I want to stop completely.

Posted On Jul 17, 2020

That's great to know! I hope it's going great for you as it is for me.😊😊

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