July 15, 2020

Started the 3 Must / 1 Most thing today

11:15 PM


Today has been a pretty good day. I would say I fell asleep at around 12ish and then I woke up this morning at around 6 AM. I do remember what the first thing I did this morning was, and that was to work on writing yesterday's entry. I spent about 2 hours on that, pretty much my entire morning right before work.

One thing I did this morning was write down the 3 MOST / 1 MUST that @Elvena_Art wrote about. The main thing is to write down the 1 MUST which is the 1 task that MUST be done tomorrow before the day ends no matter what, and then 3 MOST tasks which are 3 tasks that most need to be done but aren't the top priority. The tasks I wrote down for the day were:


1) Walk 10,000 steps

2) Catch up on logs

3) Catch up on finances


1) Finish homework due tonight.

The way it's properly done is to do it for the next day. It's supposed to be written today, for tomorrow. I wrote yesterday's entry this morning, so I technically didn't meet the requirement of it having to be for the next day. Anyway I lived through my entire day today having these four to dos in mind.


Work was just another normal day today. Lots of planning work for some projects I guess. There was a time I joined a meeting today as an "expert" on a topic though and I just came in, answered some questions, explained some things, and I felt pretty professional in my explanations. I just answered and explained some things and concepts in straight English, no stuttering, no "uh" or "um", just the most straightforward speaking literate English. I talked for a good amount too and people just listened in silence while I had my turn.

I mean okay, what I did above wasn't that great or awesome or anything. But I really rarely speak nowadays. Most conversations happen through chat or email, and even though I do occasionally join some meetings, I don't usually talk that much in them as much as I did today. Usually I just get in a few words, but today I was pretty much the main speaker.

After Work

After work I worked on some of my finances since that was one of my MOSTs today, and then I went out for a walk. I had 10,000 steps as a MOST task today too, so that was a priority. I got pretty much exactly 10,000 steps today, just a bit over. I also took off my shirt again as I walked so I could get a better tan all around, I sometimes see people staring at me as they drive by and I find it hilarious that I'm "turning heads" sometimes. I was the only person walking that I encountered today, in my 10,000 steps walking total, I didn't encounter anybody else (until I got back into the rich neighborhood and then I did encounter some people there). That's why I'm very comfortable walking around without a shirt on this particular sidewalk, because it's safe to say that there's no one that I'd encounter here.

Isolated Sidewalk

This "isolated" sidewalk used to be a mystery to me. I remember the first time I drove on the street that had this sidewalk, and I was baffled at how anybody was walking on it. Like how did they get there? I drove from beginning to the end of the sidewalk, and I still had the question "how did these guys get to this sidewalk?" The first time I ever walked on this sidewalk was when I asked my dad to drop me off at the side there. I walked through it the first time from beginning to end, really admiring it and taking in all its isolation from the rest of the world.

It's like a 2-3 mile long sidewalk and it is completely isolated (actually it's more like 5 miles but I have never traveled pass a certain point because I consider that point the "end" even though it's technically not). There's rarely any cars that drive by here and the sidewalk is not connected to any external sidewalks. I later found out that the people walking on this sidewalk, were residences of the only homes connected to the sidewalk. There's literally only one neighborhood that connects to it and that neighborhood is isolated too, because this sidewalk doesn't connect to anything else.


When I got back home I worked on and finished my homework. That was my MUST activity for today, like literally the only thing that had a due date that I didn't set and the only tasks that had real consequences if I didn't complete them. Anyway the homework was really easy today, I have more homework due tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to those assignments. Business class s pretty awesome, I'm learning a lot of things applicable to my own real life.


What are my 3 MOST / 1 MUST for tomorrow? Yeah it's kind of hard to come up with some ideas, but I guess this is it:


1) Catch up on logs

2) Catch up on finances

3) Catch up on journal entries


1) Work on homework due tomorrow night

Pretty easy. I'm so sleepy now though so I'm just going to go to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jul 17, 2020

That's awesome. you can achieved them 💪💪

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