March 10, 2020

First Civilization: Lincosina

Lincosina is the first nation that I consider to create a short story about. This nation is filled with intellect people who reject traditional good and evil morality with a morality based around a 'for science' attitude. This not to say they lack moral rules, it is just that 'dying' during a scientific project or doing something to gain data to benefit the rest of civilization is considered to be the ultimate form of heroism and sacrifice. The entire format of the culture is based around mathematics and precision of designing a civilization. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are considered to be the most important focuses for the citizens of the country and anything else is seen as more a childish fancy or a waste of time that could be served better. Even their language is similar to the real-life language known as Lincos that is based around using math for potential communication with aliens.

Many would assume that such a culture would not care about art and philosophy, but that is far from the truth. Their is architecture in Lincosina, but it is mostly form over function, a focus on practically over simply looking pretty. That said, buildings and new forms of creating various constructions are considered great artistic pieces, especially if they are simple but functional and practically useful. Art exists, but it is mostly based around scientific concepts, like digital designs of outer space or drawings of DNA. Philosophy is focused around enlightenment philosophy: the form of philosophical thought that led to the development of deism and the scientific method and rational thought on how the world and society works.

Written by tyler775

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