April 22, 2020

Work Day and Homework

7:51 PM (of Thursday, July 16th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 and it's a similar story to how it was two days ago, I had almost no browsing history from morning until night, probably meaning I was working. After that I browsed the Internet until around 10:30 PM, and then I'm pretty sure I had homework due so I worked on that. Yeah that's precisely it, I had browsed the Internet using another browser and worked on my homework. I had homework due for two classes and I waited basically until a few hours were left before I had to turn it in, which was a really bad strategy. Even in the future I still have this habit on working on homework assignments on the last day, but I've improved a little bit, completing the assignments usually an hour or two before the final closing deadline. Back in April and before April, I would probably have under 1 minute of closing deadline time before turning in the assignment. It was literally "last minute".

Written by JustMegawatt

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