April 27, 2020

Work, Bicycling, and Web Browsing

8:15 PM (of Thursday, July 16th 2020)

Based on my web browsing history for the day, I had work because there wasn't much if any web sites visited during normal work hours. After work though I did some web browsing, and then there was a gap for a few hours. I'm guessing that's the time I went out and bicycled, because there wasn't many other activities I was into at the time, and I wrote about cycling a lot. Anyway that was pretty much my day today.

I kind of wrote a cool post yesterday about some old songs and videos I discovered when they were just sprouting suddenly blossoming into millions of views. I liked those songs more when they weren't mainstream, and now that they are, I don't feel such an emotional connection with them anymore. Anyway, after work and bicycling I browsed random websites today and visited random sites. That was pretty much my entire day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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