April 30, 2020

Last Day of the Month

8:32 PM (of Thursday, July 16th 2020)

Today is Thursday, April 30th 2020 and it's the last day of the month. Today is another day in which I forgot to write an entry, and so I'm here from the future updating these entries, this should be the last entry that I missed. Anyway, I had work today, I guess it went pretty well. After work I browsed the Internet for a bit, and then there was an hour or two gap, so during that time I'm guessing I just went out and bicycled. After the gap, which I'm guessing I bicycled during, it looks like I browsed bicycling related content. I looked up some bicycling gear, not sure if I bought anything though.

I ended the night by working on homework due tonight. Really bad idea to work on assignments on the last minute, but that was me back then. I still got an A for this class, but this strategy doesn't work for any class that's difficult to complete obviously. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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