July 16, 2020

Managed to get a lot done today

11:08 PM

Completed Tasks

Last night I wrote about my 3 most important and 1 must do tasks, and I got them all done today!!

3 Most

My three most important tasks were: catch up on logs, catch up on finances, catch up on journal entries. I'll nickname these three to be called my daily trifecta since they pretty much have to be done daily. The reason why they took longer today is I had a week off from updating these tasks and catching up takes exponentially longer. For example if I skip writing a journal entry for 5 days, I would have to then spend 1 day writing 5 entries and that takes longer, because I have to think back on what I did that day and maybe look at text messages, emails, browsing history, etc, to get some reminders of what happened. If I just wrote my entries the day of, then it's much faster to do since I have a full memory of everything that took place. The same applies with my logs and finances, it just takes exponentially longer to update these.

1 Must

However, my MUST task was this: finish homework that's due tonight. It's a MUST task because I cannot skip it unless I want to get a 0 on a homework assignment. I could skip another day of logs, finances, and journal entries, and I wouldn't face much consequences other than having to take more time to catch up again.


Anyway the homework assignment for tonight was to come up with a personal Mission / Vision. Mine is pretty unique and personal, I want to post it here. I asked my professor first if it was okay to publish mine in my online journal or if it was like against the rules because maybe it was some sort of plagiarism or something (like maybe I'm giving away the "answers" to the assignment even though it's a personalized answer that should match me only). But yeah geez, I had to look deep inside myself to come up with a personal mission and vision. It was a very interesting and unique exercise, I had a good time working on it. Business class is very helpful and personally applicable.

Business Class

The funny thing is I only took this business class because every other class was full. I didn't sign up late for the courses, but I only started signing up 3 days after the course registration opened up, and that was apparently enough for all my required classes to get filled. So I only had some electives to sign up for, and this is the one I chose. It's the only class I signed up for this term. It's a good class even though my grade isn't great for it. I'm getting lots of B'sand A-'s in my grades, like barely any 100s. It's hard for me to get an A in this course just because of how average I've been doing, I'm still enjoying the class though.


Anyway I woke up this morning at around 4 AM. Yeah it was very early, because I fell asleep a little early. I think I fell asleep at 10 or something, well maybe not, because I had homework due, but the homework was pretty easy... Anyway, I fell asleep around 10 to 11, and I just woke up at 4 AM. I answered some messages, a message from @Lays_Chips in particular I guess, she gave some good suggestions for improving the site and I worked on some updates a little bit in the morning. That was pretty much all I did in the morning.


Work came, and I worked. It was not bad, I got a decent amount of work done I guess.

After Work

After work, I took a nap for a bit, maybe an hour. Then I contemplated on walking outside. However, according to my 3 most / 1 must, walking wasn't a part of it!! So I just stayed at home, and I worked on my 3 most / 1 must the entire time. I was able to complete all of them. Everything. That's like a first in my life where I sat down and completed some things I meant to, well not really, that would be really pathetic if that were really the first time in my life I got anything done. But it's pretty rare I make a "hard" plan like this, for 4 things to do, and get them all done the same day.


I'm going to continue my 3 MOST / 1 MUST every day in my journal entries. Like I said, the trifecta will be my logs, journal, and finances, which will have to be tweaked a little bit each day I guess. It shouldn't take too much time if I'm updating them daily. As long as I don't fall behind by even a single day, it would only take a few minutes each to update. What is my MUST for tomorrow though? That's the hard one.

Plan for Tomorrow

Tomorrow I want to complete my trifecta, walk outside (doesn't have to be 10,000 steps, just at least over 7000), and solve at least 1 study problem. That's pretty much it. My MUST task though, I think, would have to be to implementing repeating To Dos with the planner on this site somehow. Because I pretty much want to always do three things every day: walk, trifecta, and solve a problem, basically every day. I guess my MUST for tomorrow is to plan out and implement repeating to dos.

Here's my final draft for my plan tomorrow:


1) Daily Trifecta

2) Walk 7,000 steps

3) Solve 1 problem


1) Implement repeating To Dos

I guess that's pretty much it for today and my plan for tomorrow. I hope I don't "mess up" tonight. It's tempting because I had a very successful day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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