July 17, 2020

Didn't get as much done today

6:51 AM


I fell asleep last night at around 12:30 AM and I woke up this morning at around 6:30 AM. I slept for the expected time I was going to be asleep for (6 hours).

Messing Up

What I did was I "relapsed" or "messed up" again last night. I used to do this basically all the time, especially if the day ended well. It was 3-4 days since I last messed up and last night I didn't experience as much as I expected to from messing up. The sort of joy I did feel from messing up was a shallower version from what I have been feeling just from working on tasks and accomplishing things.

So it's been quite a journey this month quitting messing up, but I've slowly started to realize reasons why it's better to quit. For one thing I didn't sleep for any longer than I expected to. Another thing is I didn't even feel as good from messing up as I did from just working on things normally. The only difference is I felt a bit worse in the morning and my heartbeat was a lot faster from waking up. Last night and basically throughout the day I had a slow and relaxed heart rate, after messing up though it's a bit faster.

So those are some notes and things I've learned regarding messing up and more personal reasons why I should stop. Messing up activities just don't feel as good as they used to when compared to the inner pleasures of just working on things and completing them.

10:18 PM


The morning before work I wrote part of this morning's entry, and then I worked on the rest of my trifecta (logs, journal, finances) in the morning. I finished like an hour before work would start, and I should have walked outside because it was one of my mosts today and walking in the morning would've made it easier to complete later. This would have been the best decision of the day. Instead I just did some random waste of time activities and yeah I messed up again this morning even though I wrote about how it's stupid to.


Today was a pretty good work day. I got a few tasks completed, ending this week on a positive note. I have an almost clean slate for next week, so that's a good thing.

After Work

After work I felt so bored and there was nothing to do, I ended up messing up again a few times, probably 3-4 times, I wasn't actually keeping count. But yeah I probably messed up 5 times total today.

I asked my dad to buy some Clif Bars from Costco when he goes out shopping today, because my weekly food spending is so low at $30 or below a week, I felt like I could splurge a little here and there on some nice quality Clif Bars. I also asked him to buy some unsalted nuts, and then he could buy whatever else he wanted to with my card at the store. I ate the Clif Bars with the unsalted nuts combo a few times, I ate a total of 4 Clif Bars with a bunch of unsalted nuts and I'll probably gain weight from this, but I'll lose it again pretty quick.


After that I went out for a walk. My must today was to complete repeating to dos feature, but there was no way I was going to get that done along with walking a decent amount because I ended up not taking a walk in the morning for an hour. Instead I did all my walking in the evening, and I walked for probably 2 hours straight, it wasn't bad, and I ended up taking over 10,000 steps easily.

Solving 1 Problem

So I completed 2/3 mosts so far, I completed my trifecta and I completed my walking. Now I had one more to do, and that was to solve a problem related to my studies. I just looked up some easy to solve problems online, and it's surprising that even easy problems can stir me, but yeah I solved one all by myself. I didn't have to look up any help online or anything, I just used my mind and my thoughts and my thinking to solve it.

Tomorrow Car Fixes

Tomorrow is a Saturday, and I have to go to my local car place to get some oil change and get emissions testing first thing in the morning. I'll have to be sitting in a waiting room the entire time. I probably won't sit, I'll probably just outside and start walking around for an hour.

Every time I'm in the waiting room, like an hour later, the receptionist always comes by and says "according to our mechanic, this and this need to be replaced." One of the most ridiculous times didn't even happen to me, but from some guy that just bought a new car. He was sitting close by to me though and since it's a pretty small waiting room, everyone could hear every conversation. I heard the receptionist say "your door lock needs to be replaced for this door" or something related to the door, maybe not the door lock, and then he made a big fuss "what! my car is brand new!" but then the receptionist was able to convince him to pay $1600 or something.

It was so ridiculous. I've learned to say no to things like "re-alignment" ($90) which I already paid for once, and then the next time I went they told me I needed re-alignment again. For the other issues though, I have said yes to basically everything else. If they tell me some tires need replacing, I got it replaced. But yeah I can never be certain if any of these recommended fixes / replacements are legit. I assume they are though unless it's something stupid like re-alignment.

Tomorrow Plan

So I didn't complete my must task today, but I did complete my 3 mosts. Here is my plan for tomorrow:

3 Mosts:

1) Trifecta

2) Either add a Message of the Day feature or Repeating To Dos

3) Solve 1 Problem

1 Must:

1) Go to car dealership and get fixes done

That's my plan for tomorrow. I don't have walking as part of my mosts, but I'll probably walk as well tomorrow. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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