July 18, 2020

white stone *BOOM* *BOOM*

July 7 – For the past few weeks, people have been setting off fireworks on a nightly basis. This culminated on July 4, with near-constant fireworks from around 6 pm until I went to bed at 2 am. It seemed like way more than usual. My roommate theorized that they were having a contest to see who could let off the most fireworks.

After all that, you'd think their stashes would've run dry. Not so: every night there's been more fireworks, just a few booms every few hours to remind you that they exist. They're playing the long game. They're determined to get the last word.

July 8 – The balcony got a bath this morning. They were power-washing the side of the building with a massive hose. It sounded like a rainstorm. I enjoyed it. It made me realize that I miss the sound of rain. (Because of the balcony overhang, real rain almost never reaches the windows.)

I went outside in the evening and discovered that the grime basically got rearranged. It's still a mess, but I can no longer see my walking path inscribed in the balcony dirt. Time to start over, let's do this.

Come to think of it, it's gonna suck when they paint the apartments later this summer, because I'll be stuck inside until it's done, and even afterwards it'll probably stink for days.

July 12 – blobs got demoted on Artfight again!! It used to be that there were scoring categories for head/bust pics, halfbody pics, and fullbody pics, and "blob characters" were slotted under head/bust pics. Then they created a new, lesser category for "simple-shaped characters" like blobs. Now they created an even lower category for "minimal characters" and specified that blobs go there instead. poor blobs :(

July 18 – Gave myself another haircut today. With no layering/thinning, after I take a shower and comb my hair with a middle part, I look a tad like Levi. I'm so cool.

Written by Achaius

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