July 19, 2020


Sundays are always a rest time and I don't do much today. Did my chores, laundry and read a good book.

I haven't eaten since last 2 days, so I wanted to order a hearty meal and I felt really happy enjoying the food. Did my planning for tomorrow and the following week.

Recently, I found out about Haruma Miura's death yesterday, today. He was the actor of live action "attack on titan." I felt really sad of his loss, knowing that it was suicide. He must've gone through so much pain and struggle alone to finally decide it. I really wished I could tell him and many others struggling in depression or mental health struggles that they are not alone. That even though they might can't love anymore it doesn't mean they are not loved.

I have a friend struggling with depression; I can't help everyone but I can start where I am. I've affirmed her and walked with her as much as I can through her struggles. I know I can never understand the pain they go through, but at least I don't leave them alone struggling it. And everywhere I go, I try to bring the topic of mental health and raise more awareness to those around me and to whom I meet. I'm doing the best I can, from where I am and what I can do. I hope the message of hope and love, regardless how cliché or cringey (as other people might think), reaches out to many; that you are truly loved, and you are strong enough to live a beautiful life. 🙆‍♀

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jul 20, 2020

@lays_chips hii yes i practice intermittent fasting. but I was very accustomed to it that sometimes i skipped the time where I should be eating 😂 (usually happens when I'm really preoccupied with something)

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