July 19, 2020

Sang and dance in public, woohoo!

9:52 PM


Last night I fell asleep at around 11 PM and I woke up this morning at around 7 AM. Guess what that means? I got 8 hours of sleep, woohoo!! I don't know how I was able to get 8 hours, but it happened. Normally I would get 6 hours of sleep, sometimes 7 hours, sometimes 5 hours, but rarely 8. Last night I got 8 which I think is worthy enough to celebrate.

Planning Walk

This morning I contemplated about walking 30,000 steps today. At around 11 AM I went out and drove to the wealthy neighborhood to see if I could park there and start walking. Actually before I went to the wealthy neighborhood I went ahead and planned out a route I would take to be able to get 30,000 steps. I just had to follow this path, reach the end, turn around, and by the time I got back to my car it would be 30,000, easy. The only problem was that it was too hot outside, it was over 100 degrees and there was a heat advisory all over the radio as I drove.

Being Productive at Home

Yeah there was no way I was going to walk that many steps in this heat. There wasn't a single other person outside that wasn't in a car. So I went back home afterwards, and I worked on some things privately while waiting for the sun go down a little before going out. Well I don't know how time went by so fast, but all of a sudden it was 7 PM. I didn't nap or anything in the afternoon or evening, I was awake the entire time on my computer doing productive things, and yet the time just flew.


The weird thing is that yesterday I was looking up weird things like reading through old Boxer biographies like Joe Louis the Brown Bomber who was practically unbeatable in heavyweight boxing. He only lost a total of 3 fights in 69 total fights. He had a 14 year winning streak and retired at 58 wins and 1 loss, but then he came back out of retirement to earn money to pay his debts, and that was when he got his final 2 losses when he was already very old. Anyway I read his biography yesterday and I also read stuff on Eric Crumble the worst loser who got 0 wins and 31 losses all by knock out, who people rumored "doesn't exist", except when I did my research it showed he does exist. Anyway that's the stuff I wasted my time on yesterday and time went by slow!! Yesterday felt like it was a much longer day than today.


Anyway I went out walking at around 7:30 PM. I drove to the wealthy neighborhood first, parked, and then started my walk. I walked down the isolated sidewalk again, and I think I coincidentally encountered some "big shots". I mean they're not really big shots, but in this isolated sidewalk I walk down, in a span of about 3 miles, there's only 2 houses. I've walked down this sidewalk a lot and didn't encounter any residences for one of the houses, but today those residences were mowing their lawn or something and they saw me without my shirt on because I stand out that way, and also because I'm the only person who walking on this sidewalk. Then for the other home, as I was walking down the path without my shirt on, there was a car that stopped for a second in front of the home driveway, maybe to get a glance at me, and then drove in.

So that was my encounter with two "big shots" (except reverse that order of my encounter with them, I saw the guy turning into his driveway before I encountered the lawn mowing other people). Later on I would encounter another car that slowed down as they turned into the only neighborhood connected to this sidewalk (and it's filled with condos), and because I had already encountered two "big shots" of this street, I wouldn't be surprised if this third "big shot" owned some major stake in this neighborhood. He drove a Tesla too, so he probably was the third "big shot" of this street. So there you go, I encountered all big honchos that own this street in one day, they all know me now as that shirtless guy.

Singing Aloud

As I walked back towards the wealthy neighborhood, I reached the stoplight where I had to cross this major highway with 8 lanes and very fast moving cars. I checked my phone and I was only at around 7100 steps, so I had 2900 more to go. Instead of crossing the street, I just made a left turn on this sidewalk, and continued down. I know this sidewalk lead to a dead end because I walked down this sidewalk before, but my plan was to go down to the end and then turn around and come back, I thought that would give me enough steps.

By the way my shirt was already on way before this. I only walk without a shirt on that sidewalk because there's no cars or anyone else majority of the time, once I leave that sidewalk my shirt goes back on. I don't want to stand out that much. Just on this sidewalk that is separated from the rest of the world, I don't care, I'll take my shirt off here.

Anyway as I kept walking down this path that lead to a dead end, something magical happened. This song "Rockstar by N.E.R.D. (Jason Nevins Remix)" started playing in my head. If you want to look it up, it has to be the remix version, because the original sucks! I started just saying some lyrics out loud, in a soft voice, while I sort of danced while I walked. Then you know what? A lightbulb moment. I was walking on this deserted sidewalk, no residential buildings around me (there were some commercial ones but were completely empty), highway to my right, and I was like, wait, I could sing as loud as I could here and no one would hear it but me. So that's what I did. I turned up the volume on my voice and started singing loudly

"You can't beat me I'm a rockstar! I'm rhyming up on top of a cop car, I'm a rebel and my 4 4 pops far! it's almost over now, almost over now!"

I felt so alive. The last time I did this was probably in 2015, and I did it in front of a very large amount of cars and people stuck in traffic while I walked to work singing That's Life and Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra a bunch of times. I just never did it again, but today I did. I just sang Rockstar, and then I started dancing moving my body to the beat, snapping my fingers and clapping, and skipping while I walked and just having the time of my life to no sound other than my voice. I reached the end of the sidewalk and I just stood there for a while as cars drove by, checking amount of steps I had left. Well I had only walked 7800 steps at this point, so I decided to go back and forth a few times, planning on singing and dancing the entire time!

That's exactly what I did and it was so much fun. The funnest part about this was that it was in public. Literally as cars drove by, they obviously wouldn't hear me and would only see me for a second, but there I was singing and dancing. I sang a few different songs I knew in a very loud voice, like I was making myself deaf from my own singing moreso than the loud cars passing by at 65 mph. I am not sure if the residential homes across the 8 lane highway heard me, but they might have.

Anyway my bravery continued even when I crossed the highway and made it back to the wealthy neighborhood. I was so pumped with energy that I entered the neighborhood singing. I went from singing loudly though, to just a normal talking voice, to a whisper, to completely not singing at all. as I walked inside that neighborhood. I decided to exit the limelight when people walking their dogs started looking at me weirdly. That's something else I've noticed, like 99% of the people I encounter outside are walking their dogs. There's rarely, very rarely, anyone else like me just walking because they feel like it.


Anyway that was my day today. Overall I had a good time, I spent it productively, and I didn't mess up today. I'm not going to mess up again tonight because I made that mistake previously already and learned my lesson from it. Tomorrow here is what I have planned:

3 Must:

1) Trifecta

2) walk 10,000 steps

3) Solve at least 1 problem

1 Most

1) Work on one homework assignment

I completed all my Must today except my logs, which I'll update before I go to sleep. I didn't complete my Most today because I didn't define it clearly enough.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jul 20, 2020

congrats on such a good night sleep! I'm trying to keep a healthy sleeping habit too, such a struggle. and that random, unexpected fun moments are the best😊🎉

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