July 20, 2020

A productive day

I was really busy. In a good way because I was really focused and getting the real things done.

My momentum started slow in the morning but I used pom (pomodoro technique) to help me get the swing I need. Like the inertia law, when u build momentum slow but consistent, you kinda won't be able to stop haha. It just builds up and up.

There's many other stuff coming in (emails, messages, a cup I need to wash, sudden client to contact, etc..) but I manage to keep focus on what I've planned as important to finish today. guess what? I get to finish my important task and those other stuff(except for some mail, but they're not importnat today)

I feel happy with this little improvements I make day by day. It's not always like this, I still have my struggles, hence why this is such a productive day. May I be able to keep this momentum for the whole week!

Written by elvena_art

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