March 11, 2020




Ich habe einen Kreis programmiert!

And i nearly created an paradoxon (quote Phill). Because i accidentally was inside its file when i wanted to save a sketch. An error message appeared, I can't do that it'd go on forever. Interesting. I wanted to see where u can change colour but i couldn't figure it out. But i don't even really know what those things i typed in like it was there really mean. But anyway, I'm happy, i manage to program a circle. Tomorrow we'll have WIF, i really, really hope we finally use the computers. I hope we learn what all of that means what I've seen. The basic stuff. Computers are confusing. I want to know how to do these []{} because i only know where they are on the greek keyboard but besides that it's nerve racking to change all the time i can't do that at school. They don't have greek language and i won't set it up.

Tomorrow is another day, let's see what it brings.


Written by Plesi`

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