July 21, 2020


Just like the title, haha.. I won't be writing much today. I accompanied my sister for a tooth extraction with the dentist. It took around 3 hours and a half, and the trip back and forth was long; overall 5 hours. AND I have to meet some friends for dinner. It really took all of my energy. I'm happy and content I can support my sister and connect with my friends but I'm also very tired. Did my errands and finish 2 out of 3 of my important task for the day. I don't think i have the energy to do task 3. I'll have to postpone it tomorrow.

Well, I guess I have to push a lot tomorrow to catch up to my tasks. It's okay, I'll be ready after a good night sleep. Here's a pic of the city as I was walking on the bridge to meet my friends. I like this view.

Written by elvena_art

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