July 21, 2020

Alright Day, Got Stuff Done, Watched JaVale McGee

11:53 PM


I fell asleep last night at around 12 AM and then I woke up this morning at about 5:30 AM, so not quite 6 hours of sleep, but it's a lot more compared to yesterday. Unlike yesterday, despite accomplishing a big goal, I felt so much better and more energized today just from getting more sleep. It was a night and day experience.


This morning I worked on updating and renewing the Habitica challenges I run, and that was pretty much it. I probably spent an hour or two on that. I also updated my logs yesterday since I missed it working on it then. Afterwards I prtetty just ate breakfast before work started at 9 AM and that was it. Work was alright.

After Work

After work I browsed the Internet for a bit doing useless web browsing. At around 7:30 PM I went out for a walk and because it was dark and cloudy outside, I just walked laps around the neighborhood. Of course was a bunch of people I encountered unlike when I would walk in the isolated sidewalk I often walk at. Anyway I also carried around an umbrella because it was going to rain, like the skies were cloudy enough that it was obvious it was going to be raining soon. It eventually did rain, and I went back home after only completing 7000 steps.

JaVale McGee

I was about to work on homework and then my trifecta items and then call it a day, but then I got an email from a YouTuber I follow who made a video on JaVale McGee. Apparently JM is vlogging now (I think it's cool we have the same initials, well, with my username initials anyway), and his channel exploded. In the past 4 days or so, he has gained over 300k subscribers, and each of his latest uploads have over 1 million views each. EACH! He has about 7 videos he uploaded recently, and they are all hits, every single one.

I watched all of his latest uploads, they were so fascinating to watch. It's an inside look at the life of a 7 foot tall NBA player signed with one of the best teams in the league. What's cool is that this guy is also a vegan and he shows off what he eats to his audience of millions, that is freaking cool. The food Disney feeds him sucks though, I think they're way too small in serving size for someone his size, 7 feet tall, but I don't know. He has been vegan for a few years and won both his NBA championships while vegan and set some career bests last year. If he's not complaining about his portion sizes, maybe those are good enough?

Also it's really fascinating how normal this guy's life is. I thought he would have "servants" basically pamper to his every whim as an NBA player, but it's not like that at all. He has a lot of individuality and reponsibility and he has to "check in" at certain zones where he's supposed to be. Like if he needed to be at practice, he has to scan himself in to show his employers that he was there. Then he has his own hotel room and it's just a normal hotel room, he has to get himself setup and accommodated just like everyone else. Then he has a set schedule he has to follow throughout the day, he has to practice for a few hours a day, It's so fascinating and it's a lot of hard work.


After that I worked on my 3 Most and my 1 Must, and I got everything done except walking 10,000 steps. It rained outside so I went home early and only got 7000 steps in. Other than that though, I got all my other items completed. Here's my 3 Most for tomorrow: trifecta and solving at least 1 problem, and that's it. I don't have a third item because I'm not going to be walking outside tomorrow since I have homework due. My must will obviously be the homework.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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