July 22, 2020

I don't feel like writing

In contrast to the title, I still write. I think these are one of those days that I need to push myself a bit more and not give in so easily. I got my important tasks done and figured I should reward myself by going to watch a movie in the cinema. Our country is recovering well and these places are open, although with strict procedures. I went to watch the sequel of Train to Busan, the Peninsula.

No spoilers here, I just thought that it was a good movie. I like the ending and the message it tries to convey. I really do. I feel like it speaks to me today as I am feeling really down today for no apparent reason. I just have those days; probably hormones or something haha. but in these kind of bad days, I'm not the kind of person that tries to distract from it. I feel it, I let myself feel it and cry if I have to, but I won't repress it. It reminds me that I'm human and not a robot, that I can have bad days and get broken too. Even then, it is okay.

I had my time of silence and also expressing them, then I spend time to think about them objectively and talk kindly to myself. The world has already been very cruel, I don't have to be even more so to myself.

A whisper within said:

Hey, you're gonna be okay :)

Written by elvena_art

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