July 22, 2020

Not a great day in terms of productivity

7:01 AM (of Thursday, July 23 2020)

Today is Wednesday, July 22nd 2020 and the fact that I'm writing this entry the next day shows how little I was able to get done today. First, I only got about 6 hours of sleep from the night before so that's about the average that I do get. It was more sleep than the past 2 days for sure. Today was a Wednesday and I had a bunch of homework due, that's no problem, I took off my walking 10,000 steps task today just so I could have more time to do my homework. I worked on my logs in the morning, but obviously I didn't get my trifecta done today because I didn't write an entry.

That's pretty much all I did in the morning before work, and having some free time caused me to mess up early which really messed up the rest of the day. I would end up messing up twice total the entire day, just out of impulse. I didn't even have a desire to mess up really, I pretty much just did it out of habit.

Work was alright, I did manage to get some decent amount of work done in the morning and afternoon, so I was productive there. My lack of productivity came to my own tasks because I just did not feel like doing them.

So after work I had plenty of time to do things, but instead I didn't. I wasted a lot of time watching videos such as JaVale McGee's vlog. Actually I wasted time there until about 9:30 PM, and then I just worked on homework until I fell asleep at around 12:30 AM, and at that point I was so sleepy that I turned in what I could. I hope I get a good grade, I mean the answers are decent, and last time I wrote about this I got a 100 on my assignment which I was worried about.

I'm worried about my own assignment again this time, I don't think I'll get a 100 again but we'll see. Yeah I was so drowsy and sleepy at 12 AM that I was seriously drifting in and out of sleep. I worked on the assignment with all the lights off and in total darkness except for my computer monitor, and I worked on it while lying down in bed, and there was a bunch of reading I had to do, so you could imagine how sleepy that environment could make anyone.

Yeah so I was disappointed in today because I didn't get my trifecta done, I didn't walk 10,000 steps (and actually based on the time that I started my homework assignment, I could have left at 7:30 PM, do a 2 hour walk, and then come back home by 9:30 PM and it would have been better than me just sitting at home and wasting time), and I didn't work on 1 study problem today. I was too lazy to do those things, and that's why I felt like today has been a bad day in terms of productivity at least.

Anyway that's pretty much it. I still got my "MUST" task done, since that was homework, but there was no way I would have missed it even if I didn't write about it. For tomorrow here are my 3 MOST: Trifecta, walking, and 1 problem. For my MUST, I guess that's completing more homework assignments due tonight. That's all. I should be able to get all those done today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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