July 23, 2020

A repeat of yesterday

7:02 AM

Today is Thursday, July 23rd 2020 and it was essentially a repeat of yesterday (Wednesday), like almost identical. I fell asleep last night at around 12:30 AM after working on homework and I woke up at around 6:30 AM to experience the same thing as yesterday.

This morning I worked on catching up on my logs which I was able to do since I was only behind a day, that was no problem. I also wrote my journal entry for Wednesday this morning. After that there was probably an hour before work started, and so yep, I messed up again. Twice. In less than an hour. I sometimes think of it as a badge of honor, but it's not a good activity to do. Yeah I really need to stop because I just forced it on myself.

After that was work, and I worked on some items. It was not a bad working day, but I could have been more productive.

After work was the terrible part. It was raining hard outside so I already knew I wasn't going to be able to walk. Because I knew I was just staying indoors, I felt like that gave me "extra time" to do wasteful activities, and that was the trap I fell for. It started with watching JaVale McGee a few days ago, and now I've just been on YouTube a lot more, which is a mistake.

I was on YouTube basically the entire time until around 11 PM and I started working on homework (again a mistake). Geez I hope I get a good grade on this, I don't think I did that good of a job on it. For my assignment last week which I said I hope I also get a good grade on, I got a 92% on that one, so not bad. I'm getting grades on today's and yesterday's homework assignments next week, and I worked on these assignments while very sleepy and drowsy, so I am more concerned with this week's assignments than last week's.

That was basically my entire day. It was such a plain day that I couldn't really write about it much more. For tomorrow my 3 MOST are: Trifecta, Walk outside any number of steps (if it's not raining), solve 1 problem, and my 1 MUST is to work on a homework assignment. I don't have any homework due until next week, but I'm going to work on one early. I'm not even going to turn on YouTube tomorrow. Let's see how I do!

Written by JustMegawatt

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