March 11, 2020

Mostly Homework

7:50 (of Thursday, March 12th 2020)

Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic today. Yeah I get that it spreads quickly, but the symptoms are pretty mild and are the exact same as a flu. There might be a chance I already have it right now, and don't even realize it, because the symptoms may or may not ever show up! So it's pretty funny how global markets and such are down and people are panicking. It's the only thing people talk about today, coronavirus this, coronavirus that. Even though the symptoms for the flu are the same! I think it's because people have nothing going on in their lives, that hey, there's this one interesting thing going on, let's all just concern ourselves with it.

The WHO should declare heart disease as a pandemic, cancer and diabetes too. These diseases take more lives than the coronavirus. And if we were counting non-human animals, then we kill nearly a billion a day, so humans are a pandemic to them. I hope one day we all stop killing animals for food, once people realize they don't need to kill any at all to sustain their current lifestyle, and they may even see health benefits from not eating any animals like I did.

Anyway, today I just went to work, did the same typical work stuff. Near the end of my work day though I showed a co-worker a bunch of stuff I did in the past. It started with me showing him some cool tricks in bash terminal, like how to make it so it's impossible for anyone to exit. I really don't know how to overcome that trick, if there is even a way. After that we went on to Wikipedia to search for some answers, which lead to Quora, which lead to him mentioning Yahoo Answers, which lead to me looking up my old YA! profile. I had 660 answers and a 48% best answer rate, which was phenomenal, and we just talked about how ridiculous that percentage was.

I showed him some of the cool stuff I did like having a YouTube account in 2006 and making some videos back then. I showed how I went viral as a 13 year old in 2006 and my most viewed video I created when I was 15 in 2009. Also showed him a video in 2011 I made as a 17 year old junior in high school, that was apparently so good, several people in the comments say that they played it at a schoolwide assembly. There were four comments like that, four people from four different schools, all said that their school played the entire video in front of everyone in school. I feel pretty honored. I showed him some other things like my 2009 Kongregate game, and yeah that was it. I mean have such a history of many more content and things but no way did I want to show any of that stuff off while at work.

I didn't walk much today. It was rainy outside, and the night before I only got around ~3 hours of sleep. So I went to my car and I took a nap after taking over a thousand steps. At the end of the work day I took around 5000 steps total throughout work, which is about half of my typical 10,000, then I came back home. I also ran a bit, .4 miles at around a 10 minute mile pace, which I wasn't actually trying to go fast. Should I sprint this distance next time? Should I go for a record? I'll do that Thursday. We'll try to sprint this distance on Thursday, the day after today.

There was a lot of homework for me to work on, and so I worked on that after spending a few hours on Athene's stream. Yeah I got home around 6 PM, I didn't start on homework until around 9 PM. Even though I had to do a lot of reading and there was a lot due, I didn't start earlier than that. I did take an online quiz and got a 92% on it which was awesome, however I missed an assignment last week and that took out a few overall percentage points, and so it's as if I got around an 80% on today's quiz because of missing out on that assignment.

I usually miss around 1-3 assignments per class per term, because I took a nap or something and end up blowing pass the due date, because I work on assignments so late. It has happened so many times and it has wrecked a lot of my grades. Last week the reason I missed that assignment was because I only started on it around an hour before it was due. The questions were complex, so complex that I couldn't know the answer without reading up on the assigned reading, which I did, and it was still hard to answer some. So I just did poorly. Actually the assignment just hasn't been graded yet, but when I look at that submission, it was so bad I'd give myself a 0.

Overall though I'd say this Wednesday was a productive one.

Written by JustMegawatt

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