July 26, 2020

2020/07/26 - a lazy day



23:06: i felt totally lazy today... And as ifi was getting my period. I spent the day in my sisters room with... Phone stuff. And playing Switch. Then late evening she Made Photos of me with Instagram filters. I did strange stuff in the wrong moment (aka looking Strange). In one picture i was moving a red uhm jar box closing Thing cap. It looked like i was stabbing the shark plushie. It was some make up filter but my look was... Not good. Then i started to continue reading"a handmaids tale". It totally reminds me of prison. A certain one. When we were in Berlin in class 10 we visited one of WW2 or Something.... Or was it the time after that 🤔 i don't know. I only know, they weren't allowed to talk to each other and all harmfull things (glass) were removed. Also they weren't allowed to sit down, at least some of them. In this book however, It's not exactly Like this. At the beginning they described a gym room with rows where people were, like tents, i don't quite remember (even if it was Yesterday), weren't allowed to talk so they learned how to whisper almost not heard and lip reading. And then in chapter 2 (chapter 1 was just about two pages long) there was a room described and that they had removed all things you could tie a rope upon. Wait, this one belonged to the gym. Anyway, the room had a framed painting but without glass. But in general i still don't know what's the main characters (and of two others?) "profession" is... Not exactly at least. I've only read the back of the book and know the title. They mentioned "The Marthas" and i think they were talking about themselves... What that may be?

Tomorrow i can continue to fill the time not lazy. I've got a couple of projects from the intoMINT App to do but...

Procastination. Even though, they're so fun...

I don't know...

But this morning we had breakfast together since i don't remember when. But i did not attend online church today. Next week They'll have an open air session.

Yay I could Finish the task to read the book :partyemoji: . I use this site to put in bigger tasks, like what book i need to read. It's just too... Hmm... I can't explain, but personal i think It's not suited for small tasks (at least not for me). I record the smaller ones in Habitica where i can tick them off easily.

22:37: Here I am, Reading journal entries. Someone i haven't seen much* had a photo with yarn and it is so beauriful colorful and bright!

* Okay, honestly, the only two i notice are Archaius and JustMegawatt , but probably because i've seen them in Habitica 😂


Written by Plesi`

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