July 26, 2020

the revenge of ramuh

As raid time drew near, HGR said, "I think we're overdue for someone randomly being an hour late."

As it turned out, it was Silver, and he was only 40 minutes late. "Alarm," he explained.

"Damn the patriots," said HGR.

"Watch less vtubers at 6 am," Luis told him.

"Hey," said newbie, "I was watching vtubers at 6 am and I'm here."


It was a short session: first Silver was late, then we spent a bunch of time on Ramuh, and midway through the first Ifrit lockout, numbers had to leave due to thunderstorm/power issues. Kan reminded him to orb up.

HGR was annoyed. "We didn't make any progress," he said.

"We made some progress," I said. "We were all alive for Raktapaksa."

"We made a tiny amount of progress."

Well, he's got a point. We haven't even seen all of Rakta's mechanics yet (and we barely saw the chain thing before wiping). But I was happy with my own progress. My Ramuh run was the best yet: 13% parse! 14k rdps barrier broken! Only 30 heat dropped! And I learned how to do Garuda's split-screen mechanic that was consistently killing me last week, so that was cool.


Heat schedule (WIP):

  1. phase 1: opener [wildfire] [barrel stabilizer]
  2. phase 2: right at the start, drop 150 heat with [wildfire] and [barrel stabilizer]. get to D before doing the third overheat.
  3. after dps tethers
  4. phase 3: get your target, go to A, pre-position camera, and then [wildfire]. when ifrit drops his aoe, cross over with your right hand and hold W. this is new so it might take a while to execute smoothly, but it's worth practice

Written by Achaius

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