July 26, 2020

Played Around with Mac Mini, YouTube rest of the day

11:58 PM

Last night I fell asleep at around 12 AM, and I woke up this morning at 7 AM, so I got 7 hours of sleep, woohoo!

Not Messing Up Streak

As I type this, it's been about 48 hours since I last messed up. Because it's an addiction, the urge just always comes up, all the time. I had to fight pretty hard throughout today to just avoid messing up again. I think the fact that I made it throughout today without messing up once is awesome. I just know that if I mess up again even once in the future though, I'll probably mess up 5-6 times that same day which is why I really don't want to mess up again.


This morning I set up my Mac Mini again to be able to work on some projects. It took a couple of hours of setting it up because I reset the entire machine yesterday. I got it perfect to where I wanted it, and.... I was not productive with it at all. The keyboard shortcuts were a bit weirder, I had to use the windows key instead of ctrl for things, and the way I had to tab between screens / pages just wasn't that great with a mouse / keyboard due to swipe features not being available. I mean yeah I can see how OS X is the perfect operating system, where it has a lot of useful apps, so many useful apps, and everything "just works", but it just wasn't my style.

I know there are different desktops on OS X, I didn't know how to access those without a trackpad though. In hindsight I could have probably gone to settings to check it out. But yeah I just didn't like how I had to click on everything. Another thing that bothered me is that I could only work while sitting down on this table with this monitor and keyboard / mouse setup. I usually work with my laptop on my bed, lying down on my stomach. I find it a comfortable way to work, but I can't do that with the Mac Mini. So overall I just had more of a hassle working with it than anything. Anyway I just went back to working on my normal laptop, because it was easier with the hotkeys and I could travel around with it.


The rest of the time I was just on YouTube. I watched a lot of Beatles and Steve Jobs videos. I read some wikipedia pages. I mostly wasted my time literally for the entire rest of the day. I didn't complete any of my 3 most / 1 must today. Tomorrow I just have 2 things I want do to: catch up on logs and walk 10k steps. That's all. I want to keep it simple.


Anyway I pretty much made it to 48 hours not messing up today. Woohoo! I'm about to reach my record for this year of being mess-up free for 96 hours. Today I felt great most of the day even though I didn't even do that much today, like I didn't walk outside. What's bad about feeling good, is that I'm more likely to indulge in my addictions again. I learned that from one of the latest Neuroscientist episodes in the Rich Roll podcast. I think Rich Roll's podcast is a hit, he has a lot of self-improvement and other related content on there. I bought a book he mentioned in one of his podcasts and I am loving it. I've read so many non-fiction books already it's hard to learn anything new, this new book included since I knew a lot of stuff already mentioned, but I'm still learning some odd things I never would have expected.

Anyway that was it for today, I hope that tomorrow is better and that I get more done.

Written by JustMegawatt

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